Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Don't Let This One Get Away!

South Twin - 2014

After the earlier ice-breaker at Lost Lake this month [which lived up to it's name for some], Andy has brought out the Big Guns for this weekend! If you don't already have plans consider heading to Central Oregon and joining the TU gang at SOUTH TWIN - quickly becoming a favorite this trip has it all!

From Andy:

I will leave for South Twin on Friday May 1 and will pull up the tent stakes on Monday morning, may 4th - you can join in on the fun at any point between.

South Twin is at 4350 feet elevation and is very near Wickiup Reservoir. South Twin is stocked with lots of rainbows but the 18 to 28-inch holdovers are the real targets. This can be a primarily early morning fishery, with most of the fish holding near the banks as the sun rises.

If coming from Bend on Highway 26, take the Vandevert Road exit [just past the Sunriver exit]; exit right and turn left on South Century Drive; follow South Century Drive for about 10-15 miles to Forest Service Road 4262 on your left - a sign on the right side of the road points to the junction and reads "South Twin Lakes Resort".

A Saturday night barbecue is on tap - TVTU provides the entree. Attendees are asked to bring something to share [dessert, salad, chips, wine etc].

Contact Andy - 971.four-oh-niner.6149 with any questions.

Quiche on the Road Kill Grille!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Clean. Drain. Dry.

Balk all you want about invasive species permits but once again they are working; what percentage get caught - I have not researched but this makes it worth it [as does the published fact it's happening! Clean up your crafts!]

Zebra Mussels...BOOOOOO!   Photo: ODFW
Invasive Zebra mussels found on boat from Ohio
Friday, April 24, 2015

ONTARIO, Ore – Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife technicians today discovered Zebra mussels on a boat at the Ontario boat inspection station. The boat being hauled from Lake Erie in Ohio is the first vessel of the 2015 inspection season found to be infested with the invasive mussels. The station opened in March.

The commercial driver hauling the Ohio watercraft pulled in for inspection. Motorists hauling boats in Oregon are required to stop at inspection stations to have their watercraft checked for aquatic invasive species under a 2011 Oregon law. Failure to stop at an inspection station could result in a $110 fine.

The boat had a moderate number of adult Zebra mussels around the propeller shaft and under the stern in the drain plug area. It was decontaminated at the inspection station with high-pressure and hot water.

“The driver did the right thing.......". Thank you commercial hauler!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

ODFW Open Seats...

Tom 'Salem' Wolf sent us the following this past Thursday letting us know the current status of the ODFW commission spots that are open. Kate Brown will nominate and appoint [with approval] the positions:

This morning the Governor's office announced the nomination of 2 candidates for the open ODFW Commission spots.
They are-
Jason Atkinson: former state senator for District 2 spot (Walden's district).
Bruce Buckmaster: Safe for Salmon (gillnetter group) representative from District 1 (Bonimici's district).

There will be a public meeting next Wednesday [April 29] on the 2 candidates in Salem. Then they will go before Senate Rules Committee in May. If they are approved there, the full Senate will vote on them for confirmation.

If confirmed, they will start in their positions right away.
Tom Wolf
Executive Director
Oregon Council Trout Unlimited

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Please come help...the more the merrier and the quicker it gets done [before that pesky spring rain returns!! (even if we do desperately need it)].....

WHEN: Saturday, April 25, 2015
WHERE: Tigard, OR - Walnut Street at Johnson Street

WHAT TIME: 9:00 a.m
WHAT to EXPECT: TVTU will be helping the City of Tigard to build some fencing along Derry Dell Creek; this fence will help protect the newly planted riparian area that the city has reclaimed near the confluence of Derry Dell and Fanno Creeks [this is the area we helped plant last Spring!]
The work will consist of auguring post holes, setting posts, pouring concrete and assembling the split rail fence. Some of this work will be physically demanding - but there will be something for everyone.
WHAT to BRING: Be prepared for a pretty full day of work - bring gloves, wear weather appropriate clothing and bring a lunch. Tools and materials will be provided.
Contact: Michael Ellis.


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Rogue River dam removals....

Fielder Dam: targeted for removal   Photo: The Mail Tribune

Evans Creek dams on track for removal this summer

By Mark Freeman
Mail Tribune
Apr. 11, 2015 

Project managers last week garnered a key state fish-passage permit that will help push other state and federal permits forward for removing the crumbling and abandoned Fielder and Wimer dams, which impede migrating wild salmon, including threatened wild coho.

"Everything's moving forward well to be able to do the removal this summer," said Bob Hunter of WaterWatch of Oregon, which has teamed with the Geos Institute and American Rivers to oversee the removal with the help of local conservation groups, angling clubs and state and federal agencies.

The key will be whether the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board approves a $462,845 grant request to round out the estimated $671,000 needed to remove both dams, Hunter said.OWEB staff have recommended to the full board that it approve the grant when it meets April 28 in Salem. The group already has secured $213,000 in federal grants and another $22,000 in in-kind services.

Removing the dams would create regular access to 16 miles of spawning habitat for wild fall chinook, 60 miles of spawning habitat for wild coho and more than 70 miles of wild steelhead spawning grounds, according to feasibility studies.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


LOST LAKE is FOUND! [just make certain you get to the right one...HINT: from Portland-head west on Hwy 26!]

WHEN: Saturday April 18, 2015
WHERE: Lost Lake [Clatsop County]
WHAT TIME: no clock here - mid morning around the boat ramp
WHAT to EXPECT: First day trip of the Season - Lost Lake is less than 30 feet deep and is divided into two parts by a small passage; it is a 15-acre natural forest lake nestled in the mountains. The lake has stocked  rainbows as well as larger holdovers - the bonus? A few steelhead. The lake is best fished with a pontoon boat or float tube.
Directions: drive west on highway 26 and turn off on the road to Henry Rierson Spruce Run Park on the Nehalem River. Just before entering the park, a gravel road (unsigned but known as the Lost Lake Road) takes off on the left. This road travels 5 or 6 miles to a parking area on your right. Just past the parking lot is an unimproved boat ramp. Andy hopes to be at the parking area by 10 a.m.!


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pike? You don't say.....

First the squawfish [aka Northern Pikeminnow] was the big threat - but at least they are native - then various other warm water species thrived in the impounded river - bass, walleye; throw in some cormorants and sea lions and it looks like more than man is cashing in looking for a meal and good home:

From 2012 to 2014, more than 16,000 fish, or 38,000 pounds of northern pike, were netted out of Box Canyon Reservoir.  Photo: Kalispel Tribe Natural Resources Department
Washington Battling Major Threat to Columbia Salmon: pike

Washington is in a running battle with a sharp-toothed, voracious, predatory alien invader, the northern pike.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bracing for More Drought in West......cross-post

.....from  Trout Unlimited - Conserving coldwater fisheries:

Regionally 5% or less for the normal precipitation levels....TU's research scientist Helen Neville outlines the facts.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Americas Most Endangered Rivers

 American Rivers has released their 'Americas Most Endangered Rivers' listing for 2015:

1. Colorado River/Grand Canyon: industrial-scale construction, radioactive pollution, expansion of groundwater pumping cause this one to top the list.
2. Columbia River/Oregon: outdated dam operations moved us to No. 2.
3. Holston River/Tennessee: toxic chemical pollution.
4. Smith River/Montana: mining, acid mine drainage and toxic heavy metals.
5. Edisto River/South Carolina: agricultural withdrawal.
6. Chuitna River/Alaska: open pit coal mining near the headwaters.
7. Rogue/Smith Rivers: nickel mining
8. St Louis River/Minnesota: copper-nickel sulfide mining
9. Harpeth River/Tennessee: sewage/water treatment facilities
10. Pearl River/Louisiana: dams

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April at TVTU?

What winter? Springing rains and sporadic weather have arrived in time to keep us reminded about Oregon springtime! Keep that hat on tight - whether for solar protection, rain protection or keeping it out of the river due to a surprise wind gust - or all of the above in a ten minute span!

April is here - what will you be doing? Meetings, outings, conservation?..........