Monday, August 10, 2009

East Lake Outing set for August 20-24

Perhaps you've heard about the lunker brown trout anglers annually brave the frigid elements to target at East Lake at ice out. It would be nice to put a picture of one up here, but we hear they're too big to fit on the internet. Well, such is the lore about what you'll find waiting for you at the East Lake Outing.

One thing is for certain, however, and that is you won't find finer camp hospitality than what Andy Andrews serves up at the Road Kill Grill. Andy will be setting up our base camp in the Cinder Butte Campground on August 20th, and breaking camp on Monday the 24th. On Saturday night he will be hosting the camp barbecue, so bring a side dish and your carnivorous appetite.

For those who haven't fished at East Lake before, here's some handy info. Besides this, I can vouch that probably all the stories you may have heard about the great fishing at East Lake, along with the sudden stormy weather, are true. Prepare to have your arm pulled off by fish and/or get blown off the lake. Actually, I also heard it can be quite pleasant. Did I mention the bears? Oh, this is a wonderful place, and I only wish I weren't stuck on a houseboat in California while you guys get all the fish. Someone take some nice pictures for me. Tight lines.