If you have any questions/comments/feedback for the Tualatin Valley Chapter please contact us. We are here to assist and provide any information we can to support the direction of Trout Unlimited. General comments and questions: CLICK to EMAIL

Board of Directors

President:                                 Vice President: 
Lori Day                                     vacant                          none
Treasurer:                                 Secretary:
Mike Gentry                               Jeff R Price  
Conservation:                           Outings:
Jon Pampush                             Andy Andrews
Raffles:                                     Newsletter:
Ron Reinebach                           Lori Day
Diversity Initiative Coordinator:
Lori Day

At-Large Members
Michael Ellis                               Peter Gray       
Jerry Lorang                               Erle Norman      
Bill Schoen

The above listed members are volunteers elected to the Board as of December 2017.
View the TVTU Chapter Strategic Plan and Chapter Bylaws [click for link] and contact the Board to assist in reaching our goals and ensuring the Chapter fulfills it member obligations. Any efforts – large or small – are appreciated!
To become active in our conservation and restoration Projects – contact Jon Pampush to be included on an Action Alert email list and be notified of upcoming Projects. Become involved!
If you have any photos, information or stories that you would like to see or submit to the newsletter please contact Lori Day for additional information or article submission.
THANK YOU for making TVTU successful!

Tualatin Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited
85 Tanglewood Drive 
Lake Oswego, Oregon  97035-1415