Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rested from Labor Day? SEPTEMBER OUTING

Try recuperating from your holiday week/weekend with a day trip to Round Lake on Sunday September 8 hosted by Tualatin Valley and Clackamas River chapters of TU!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fish R/E Board position open....Candidates Wanted

A volunteer Board Member position is available with the ODFW Fish division Restoration and Enhancement. The position available to be filled is one of the three Sportfishing seats. A chance to have a voice on how programs monies are spent.....

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kids Camp and other Adventures with TVTU:
It’s Not Always About the Fish!
By Andy Andrews
[Andy has volunteered his time and effort to spearhead the TVTU outings for a good number of years – his stories can fill books….Thank you Andy!]
If you are a typical TU member, paying your membership dues and excusing yourself from chapter meetings, projects and outings, well, you are really missing out on some great times. The now annual Kids Camp, sponsored by the Clackamas chapter, is just but one such great moment. Held at the end of July, this year’s Kids Camp was no exception and had its excitement, but it was, thankfully, quieter than past years!

Friday, August 23, 2013

ACTION ALERT from National

Received via email and posted as a reminder; though benefiting many areas of the nation economically, the process of 'fracking' to extract petrochemicals from the ground has further reaching effects than the immediate - the TU stance is OUTLINED HERE.

Consider voicing your feelings:

August 21, 2013

Public lands are home to some of our nation's finest trout and salmon fisheries. Millions of acres of these lands are also leased for oil and gas development. The Bureau of Land Management has proposed an update to its 30-year-old hydraulic fracturing regulations. If strengthened and finalized, this rule can help ensure that as oil and gas development proceeds on public land, the appropriate safeguards are in place to help land managers prevent harm to aquatic resources. Please visit our online action center today to comment on the proposed rule.
Visit our action center to learn more about the proposed rule, and to ask BLM to strengthen and finalize it.


Keith Curley
Director of Government Affairs
Trout Unlimited

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Metolius River outing!

August 23-26 - meet up with TVTU on the Metolius this weekend at the Pioneer Ford Campground. Camp, fish, hang out at this fabled river. Don't forget to try and let Andy know if you plan on making you may have read the river campgrounds below Wizard Falls had been closed due to fires in the Green Ridge area - latest news [confirmed by Andy] is that all campgrounds have reopened as of August 20th! Don't let a little remnant smoke from area fires cause you to miss this one!
UPCOMING! September 8 is ROUND LAKE - if you have not been to this lake up the Clackamas/Collowash drainages you'll want to talk to Andy about a caravan trip so as to not get misdirected.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sandy River delta - in for changes!

East Channel Dam under construction - Sandy River 1930's
The Sandy River - recent recipient of an upswell in enhancement - is again undergoing a bit of a change. Whether you knew it or not a diversion dam has been in place near the river's mouth for decades [since the 1930's in fact]. It is now being removed as part of the Columbia/Snake Rivers enhancement.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Stanley Marsh....growing strong!

Excerpted from an email from Doug Ray - chapter member and man of all things Necanicum - we share the following bits regarding the work at Stanley Marsh/Thompson Creek site near Seaside:

"...I HAVE TO TELL YOU, the really big news too......

Friday, August 16, 2013

Miller Lake - post-outing recap

[Condensed version – FULL STORY in the upcoming newsletter!]

Miller Lake - Digit Point CG
Miller Lake 
Submitted by Hank Hosfield

I’ve lost track of how long ago it was when I first learned of Miller Lake. I know it feels like a lost time that was full of possibilities that no longer exist. It was back when my dad still had the boat, and his strong right arm cast, before it was stilled by the cerebral hemorrhage, before I became his designated angler. Back then word of Miller was passed in hushed, almost conspiratorial tones, between a few guys who had towed boats up the mountain to a big unknown lake and come back with big brown trout, and even bigger eyes while recalling what they’d left behind.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nominations are in!

The TVTU Board of Directors is pleased to outline the upcoming November ballot for Director and Officer positions of the Tualatin Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Each November at the member meeting the nominations are made and voted for by attending members. Please include this important meeting on your calendar [Nov 13]!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Member Meeting and more - August....


Please do join us next month - September 11 - for our monthly gathering at the Lucky Labrador Public House in Multnomah Village; the featured speaker will be Mia Shepherd representing the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership. Mia will outline climate change and the direct effects to Oregon.

Mia runs Little Creek Outfitters with her husband Marty and is a widely recognized personality in the guiding and conservation industries. Mia has worked for both the US Forest Service and ODFW as well as in the commercial fishing industry in Alaska.

SUNDAY OUTING: looking for something to do this weekend - tomorrow in fact? Take a quick trip to Mt Hood outside Parkdale and join TVTU at Laurance Lake.....CLICKIE! Come and gone - might get a report to post!

UP NEXT? Head to the the Metolius and Pioneer Ford Campground on August 23-26 with TVTU!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gold Lake Grassroots Project

Regulations sign at Gold Lake
So there has been a story telling that has been going on and on for a while now that - though not unbelievable - is one that could use some verification. Andy A [of TV chapter] and Dick H [of the now Clackamas River chapter] - among a few others according to the story - did a bit of grassroots sign planting and educating a number years ago at Gold Lake [near the summit of Hwy 58 - Willamette Pass].

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

While mildly researching and reading about various Cascade Lakes that I have recently visited or plan on trying to visit in the future, a document written by a former ODFW biologist materialized. Thought it could be shared for some interesting reading.

Friday, August 2, 2013

August Outing - Halfway Through...

Mt Hood from Laurance Lake    jprice
Sunday - August 11
TVTU is at the halfway point of this season's outings - next up is Laurance Lake outside of Parkdale - AUGUST 11!! A good mix of wild bull/cutthroat/rainbow amongst the stocked rainbows - and with the Bull Trout in existence here do not forget there are special regulations to follow for this lake!