Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What'd I Miss - December Edition

The December meeting was a nice way to round out the year for TVTU – a fairly decent number of members were able to take a break from the pre-holiday bustle and come enjoy a beverage with Marc Williamson while he spoke about his experiences on the Crooked River.
Before Marc took center stage to address the 29 attendees Erle – esteemed chapter President – made a few announcements to our group [which included 5 new members and 2 visitors]:
  • Oregon Council recently sent out a mailer to all Oregon TU members in an effort to increase visibility of TU efforts throughout the state

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays!

We would like to thank all the great members of the Tualatin Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited for their support and participation throughout the year - we wish you all the very best in this Holiday season and hope that you have a very safe and fulfilling time with family, friends and fishes!

We hope to see you in the New Year - perhaps helping with our Christmas for Coho tree collection [January 3/10/17]!! Please don't forget our coho friends......

Turn your christmas tree into fish habitat with Tualatin Valley Trout Unlimited

2018 DATES are HERE!

DATES FOR 2015/2016 ARE
JANUARY 2nd and 9th!!


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

ODFW New Director Survey

What qualities do Oregonians [who chose to comment...] want in their new ODFW Director?

Read the list from their recent survey.....conservation minded leads the way...but with 66 pages of free comments there are various thoughts indeed. Enjoy!


P.S. ODFW extended the application deadline...in case anyone wants to apply!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

How to Boost Salmon Populations

Tom forwarded a Op-Ed piece that a friend of his wrote - Liz Hamilton. A continuation of his educational forays while tending to Oregon State Council duties.....

Guest: How to boost salmon populations

We need to support expanding spill and managing the hydro-system more like a natural river for salmon to survive and recover, write guest columnists Liz Hamilton and Joseph Bogaard.

Seattle Times, November 6

By Liz Hamilton and Joseph Bogaard

Special to The Times
FEISTY and quotable former Oregon Gov. Tom McCall once said that if salmon and steelhead are running, “God knows that all is well in His world. ... The health of the environment is good if the salmon and steelhead are around. It is that simple.”

The late governor was right, of course. Salmon and steelhead are excellent barometers.....

Friday, December 19, 2014

Tom Testifies......

on behalf of clean water and air for Oregon salmonids.

From Tom on his November efforts in Salem:


First, on November 5 , The Oregon Department of Forestry Board was taking testimony on the state Forest Alternative Manage Plan. I testified for the Land Allocation proposal, with specifics consisting of asking for at least 30% of state forests protected as conservation areas (and hopefully a larger percentage), large no cut buffers not only for larger perennial streams but also for smaller and non-perennial streams, and to include providing more recreational areas in state forests.
The Board adopted the land allocation (70-30) alternative with the specificity to be adopted later. Note I will be working with ODF staff to make sure that there is adequate and substantial no cut buffers, large conservation areas and adequate recreational areas. The final recommendations will be worked on by ODF staff and approved by BOF in about a few months.

Second, on November 6, I testified before DEQ commission on their Clean Fuels program, where they will be looking at proposing new rules in January. I testified in support of stronger rules within this program to limit carbon emissions and thus limit climate change/global warming. I sited studies which show that if unstopped, carbon emissions will cause wild native salmonids to lose over 50% of their habitat due to excessively high water temperatures. I also sited studies about the importance of fishing to Oregon's economy - especially in rural parts of the state and how the demise of wild trout and salmon will have an adverse impact on those rural town economies.

The DEQ commission will make a decision in January 2015.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Oregon Election Results and Oregon TU

As Willie Nelson's song says...On the Road Again, Can't Wait to get on the Road Again....we re-enter the Highway on Tom's Tour.

After a settling period and just before everyone goes gob-jawed over the upcoming Holiday rat-race, Tom reviews the political rat-race from last month and offers a bit of insight from his many years of faithful Oregon service - Hail to Tom!

Thoughts on 2015.....

Monday, December 15, 2014

Tom - Your Tour Guide and Educator...

Anytime we can talk dam removal - we like to.....especially those that serve greater as impediments than their original purposes.

With Tom continuing as our guide we present to our membership another article relating to watershed recovery post-dam removal......

Saturday, December 13, 2014

A wayside.....

Tom's pulled over the tour bus for the day and we're taking a scenic detour down another TVTU effort:

TVTU is a sponsor of the NW area program effort. Jerry Lorang - aka Trout Line Editor Extraordinaire - along with Ron Reinebach work tirelessly for this EXCEPTIONAL program reaching out to Veteran's across our region. As we have noted - and you may have heard at meetings - the 2015 Event Schedule has been set. If you care to assist - contact Jerry for information. And, as always, if you are or you know a Veteran who wishes to participate - show up and see how it fits for you!

From Jerry......

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Candid Thoughts from Tom....

Tom came and met with TVTU at our November - unfortunately, I was unable to attend but many of his thoughts have been shared via the OCTU meetings and dialogue. Below is a very important focus for 2015 - new ODFW Directorship and Budget.

Tom offers insights for the direction Oregon TU will be operating toward. As always - please feel free as members to follow along and provide your input - it is an important part of the organization! Contact either the chapter or the OCTU Officers.

Thanks again for the efforts Tom!

My thoughts on ODFW 2015-2017 proposed budget and agency reform...

Monday, December 8, 2014


WHEN: Wednesday, December 10, 2014
WHERE: Lucky Lab Public House [Multnomah]
WHAT TIME: 6:30 p.m. Socializing; meeting starts at 7:00 p.m.

WHAT to EXPECT: Marc Williamson - fishing the Crooked River.

Marc will discuss fishing methods for the Crooked combined with what requirements fish have on the river. Also - what you need to know about the different river habitats adn your approach.

Marc has a 45-year career as an educator - teacher, principal, assistant superintendent, and Professor of Education at Warner Pacific College. He has transitioned that to teaching fly fishing, fly casting, and fly tying as a way to share his passion.

Marc got his start in the fly fishing industry in 1983 at Stewart’s Custom Tackle; is a long time member of the FFF and co-founder/Director of the Northwest Christian Fly Flyfishing Inc.

WHAT to BRING: a warm body looking for knowledge on one of the premier waters of Central Oregon. And an appetite - beers and pub foods are available for purchase - cut the line and order from the bar in our second floor banquet room.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Oregon Stream Temps

More miles have passed and Tom continues leading us on a journey of education across the state.....

Trout Unlimited has many efforts underway - scientific and empirical. Tom pointed out TU's involvement in a stream temperature mapping effort in the PNW - but particularly here in Oregon.

Just one more way TU is working for Oregon - maybe not press-worthy but important none-the-less. Thanks to your participation and donations!

More information is available from the USFS  Regional Database.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December at TVTU?

One down - one to go....Holidays that is. Need a break check out the TVTU December meeting..............

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Post Holiday Reading.....

Continuing our trek down the informational highway - before we hit mile post-holiday narcolepsy - we follow Tom's lead once again as he shares with us more wisdom from Dr. James Rose studying the:

Tom offers: "...at the end he makes a good point that if fishing was banned, urbanized society would lose a big voice for the protection of fish and their habitat.

Thursday, November 27, 2014


As we all sit and recover from a day with friends and family or efforts serving others, we first want to wish all our members the best for this Thanksgiving holiday and hope that each of you have been able to enjoy it in the manner you find most enjoyable - and that your families and friends are safe and sound!

We continue to clean out the inbox and as such will forge ahead on our journey down the Tom Wolf informational highway....in this episode TU shares a report by Dr. James Rose on the pain felt by our finned friends.

So while catch and release is not possible for that Turkey [or ham or bologna sandwich] that you may have enjoyed this day - and before that tryptophan kicks in - help yourself determine how that released trout may interpret what just happened to him!

Be safe and enjoy yourselves!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Catching up with Tom Wolf....

Tom Wolf does his best to keep us all informed on issues he tracks throughout the year from Salem and the various interest groups he participates in. Though often late to move the information on - much of it is not so time sensitive. We're playing catch-up....below is an update and reports  from NOAA who is a part of those who oversea the ocean fisheries stocks [and our beloved salmon/steelhead].

Two Reports:

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lahontan Cutts - SE Oregon.....UPDATE

Holloway Fire map   -Holloway/wordpress
In 2012 along the Oregon-Nevada border, many may recall a large brush wildfire that burned to over 460,000 acres of BLM and rangeland - the Holloway Fire - over 250,000 acres were in Oregon. The fire was devastating at the time due to already worsening range conditions and moisture levels in that far SE corner of our state. Though many people do not venture out to this portion of Oregon there is more to it than just range grasslands and scrub.

This happens to be one of the areas where Lahontan Cutthroat exist and carry natural populations - ODFW staff are dedicated to this unique region and have been for decades. The species has been protected since 1973 and is currently listed as threatened under the federal Endangered Species Act. In 2006, it was identified in the Oregon Conservation Strategy as a species in need of conservation. In 1989 biologists counted only 8,000 Lahontan trout in the Whitehorse basin. During a population survey in 2011, the population was estimated at 23,800. Several streams were opened to catch-and-release fishing in 2001 due to growing or stable populations [ODFW News Release].

The Holloway Fire threatened all of this...

Saturday, November 1, 2014

November at TVTU?

Here we go!  Diving headlong into the Holiday season - we wanted to wish you a good one now before everyone is too busy to remember what it is that is important to each of us during this time...Please enjoy yours and be safe!

As for what TVTU has planned for this month.............

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Follow-up report....results on passage

ODFW and ODOT have a plan to approach immediate need road repairs that involve culverts and fish passage. The TVTU blog posted the request for comments - here's the follow-up [hopefully your voice was heard...]

October 21, 2014

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon taxpayers and native fish will both benefit under a new culvert repair pilot program agreed upon by the Oregon departments of Transportation and Fish and Wildlife, and recently approved by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission.

The three-year pilot program will make it easier for ODOT to make short-term repairs to culverts within its highway system. In return for including site-specific improvements in fish passage at each site, ODOT will receive a temporary reprieve from the state’s fish passage requirements that often involve more extensive repairs to provide full passage to native migratory fish.

“Typically meeting passage requirements has meant replacing a deteriorating culvert with a bridge,” said John Raasch, ODOT Environmental Resources Unit manager. “This program will allow ODOT to spend $20,000 to repair a culvert instead of $4 million to replace it with a bridge or larger culvert to match the natural stream width.”

The costs savings realized under this program will allow ODOT to stretch limited transportation dollars to temporarily repair more culverts in poor or critical condition, Raasch added.

Under the agreement, fish passage at all culvert repair sites must be improved. In addition, ODOT will pay $1.8 million into an ODFW-managed account to fund statewide high-priority fish passage projects, according to Greg Apke, ODFW Fish Passage Program leader.

ODOT will also fund a new transportation liaison within ODFW who will help administer and evaluate the repair program and identify which culvert sites can be covered by the agreement. The liaison will be on-site to help identify what upgrades can be included to help improve fish passage and watershed health.

According to Ed Bowles, ODFW Fish Division administrator, the agreement is a testament to what can happen when two agencies share a commitment to watershed health, fish passage, infrastructure maintenance and public safety.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Reminder for a good cause [and HELP!]


Looking to fill your weekend on November 8 - visit the FFACS folks for their 2014 Pacific Northwest Fly Tyers Rendezvous!

WHAT: 2014 FFACS PNW Fly Tyer Rendezvous
WHEN: Saturday, November 8 - 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
WHERE: Jackson Armory [near the PDX Airport]
THE POOP: the annual FFACS Pacific Northwest Fly Tyer Rendezvous is right around the corner - if you are not familiar with this program it is a non-profit coalition for fishing conservation and education. The rendezvous is their big fundraiser for the year and with the help of several local clubs – Tualatin Valley Chapter included – they assemble some of the finest tyers from the area to demonstrate flies and techniques. Along with that are silent auctions and some other fundraisers for your participation – food is also available.

The funds are equally divided among the participating clubs for distribution to education or conservation groups chosen by the club [in March of 2014 TVTU directed their available $700 portion to the World Salmon Council].

Please plan on attending!

ALSO: if you will be there anyways - would you help out a bit - the Chapter can use your assistance facilitating some of the activities. Please contact MIKE GENTRY you can add some manpower – he will have details [pretty minor stuff folks!].

Friday, October 24, 2014

Fancy yourself a writer???

For the kick-off of their new Wild Steelhead Initiative and Wild Steelhead United programs Trout Unlimited is running a contest....an essay contest....similar to writing those 500 word tomes for English class back in the day but you get a reward beyond exhibition on the refrigerator by mom.....$1000, a public reading and being published in TROUT magazine.

So get out that wide-ruled paper, double space those words and add all the extra adjectives you can mine from the thesaurus and submit your best effort [include the photo and other required elements per the Official Rules] by NOVEMBER 11.

>> INFO at TU <<
From the TU website:

As part of the launch celebration, we are inviting writers to submit essays about their connection to steelhead, the storied fish of coastal streams and major river systems up and down the West Coast. The specific subject is up to you.

Bottom line: We're looking for good stories—tales, thoughts and anecdotes that celebrate our history with such a special fish and inspire the community of wild steelhead anglers to do whatever it takes to ensure that future generations will have the same, or better, opportunities to fish for wild steelhead as we do today.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Photo: Friends of the Gorge
In a PREVIOUS POST, we mentioned a few TVTU members [and their friends] had reached out to express concern for the increased oil train traffic traveling along the Oregon waterways – particularly the Deschutes canyon [read OPB article HERE]. Though, the trains have been there and crude needs to be moved westward, the excess has raised concerns for many – especially relative to emergency response and clean-up. OCTU has continued to monitor this and Tom Wolf continues to review the topic with several Oregon Representatives.

Though this is a federal transportation issue with little state control, an on-line petition was generated by several representatives to show concern for Oregon residents. Please consider reviewing and signing – the current approach, is meant to close a loophole in the transportation law to require information and notification of the material transport to be made to first responders. Though the overall aspect of handling spills, funding clean-up and properly training and equipping local responders is not addressed, those issues will continue to be monitored.

[and THANK YOU Tom and OCTU for the effort!]

Friday, October 17, 2014

Derry Dell Update & PROJECT...

Mark Rogers compiled and forwarded this update and photos as well as a reminder for a WORK PARTY [October 26] on Derry Dell in Tigard.......its CLOSE and could use a few hours of your time!

New Derry Dell flood plan.....Mark Rogers

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


UPDATE: Andy just mentioned he's down and out with a lingering illness and therefore will not be on the Deschutes this weekend; we have no official replacement lined up so it looks like anyone attending will be on their own. Take the opportunity to poke around and see who else may be there from TVTU! [oh and pack your own barbecued bacon wrapped shrimp and quiche...cuz the Road Kill Grille will not be there]. Let us know how it goes!

Get better ANDY!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Miller Lake 2014

Our intrepid man of the Oregon wild filled in for Andy at Miller Lake this year - Mark and Crew [comprising of course - Janet, Mollie, Dawson and the Tin Boat] headed up the lonely TVTU team [of themselves] managing to scare up a good time and some fish to boot! Why they were alone is a bit disconcerting and we may have to look into scaling back the schedule for 2015 but regardless Mark filed a report [coming in the newsletter] with PHOTOS!

Here are a few for your viewing pleasure.....

Friday, October 10, 2014

Comment on Passage Waiver...

City of Sherwood has a request in for a Fish Passage waiver...with mitigation plan....ODFW wants to hear from you.

....The City of Sherwood has requested the waiver and has proposed to mitigate for the loss of fish passage at Wildlife Haven Court by replacing a nearby culvert that is a barrier to native migratory fish, with a new culvert that once completed will meet all ODFW fish passage criteria.

The Fish Passage Task Force will be asked to consider the waiver and provide a recommendation to the Department at its Oct. 17, 2014 meeting. In the meantime, members of the public will have until Oct. 23, 2014 to submit written comments on the proposed fish passage waiver.

The applicant’s plan to extend the existing culvert at Wildlife Haven Court has triggered State fish passage requirements. Currently, the existing culvert at Wildlife Haven Court on the unnamed tributary to Cedar Creek is a complete barrier to native migratory fish.....

Comment to the folks noted in the linked ODFW release.

Mitigation is good but most of Sherwood is not that old a development. The mitigation site is at least on the same system and contains existing habitat as noted.

Recall your Summer 2014 Trout Magazine - The Culvert Challenge.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Restoration work at Derry Dell Creek, Tigard, Oregon, October 26th

Tualatin Valley Trout Unlimited is continuing to help out with the restoration efforts on Derry Dell Creek in Tigard. This summer the culvert at Walnut Street was replaced with a fish friendly one. On Sunday, October 26, we will be furthering the restoration effort by hanging wood duck boxes, planting native wetland vegetation, and caging trees at the culvert replacement site. 

We will be working from 9 AM til 1 PM or thereabouts. It should be a fun day and a chance to see the work that the City of Tigard has been doing. 

We can park along SW Johnson street. It starts on 99W and runs West past Woodard park and ends right at the worksite. Here is a google map:

Reply by e mail ( TVTURestoration@gmail.com ) and let me know if you are coming so we have an idea of how big a crew we will have. 

I look forward to seeing you all there!

Thanks for volunteering.



Michael Ellis
Conservation Director
Tualatin Valley Trout Unlimited

Monday, October 6, 2014

A history lesson for the month....

An interesting post found on another popular forum this month....nice to not forget that good efforts and projects reward the many not just the few. Perhaps this was before your time in Oregon - a story about how the Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation procured access on the lower portion of the Deschutes River - land once privately owned. Some big names many will recall as well.....

[still working today]

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October at TVTU?

Well, here it is - the 'annual' What's What and Who's What of the TVTU blog....and the good word this month is all of the LINKS and "click here's" will work! The TVTU WEBSITE is up and running again. That being said - here is what TVTU has on tap for October:

NEWSLETTER [recycled info]!
In case you missed it last month due to our technical difficulties we'll rehash this one:
The TVTU Website has the September / October issue of The Trout Line for your reading pleasure!

WHEN: Wednesday, October 10, 2014
WHERE: Lucky Lab Public House [Multnomah] [Note the scenery change!!]
WHAT TIME: 6:30 p.m. Socializing; meeting starts at 7:00 p.m.

WHAT to EXPECT: Brian Marz, Flyfishing for Pacific Salmon
Brian Marz has an extensive fishing and guiding background and will speak about fly fishing techniques for Chinook, Coho, and Chum salmon on Oregon Rivers. Brian is a fishing guide as well as the fishing manager for Orvis' Portland Store at Bridgeport Village in Tigard.
WHAT to BRING: a friend, a story, an appetite - meetings are rather informal, so put out your hand and offer a smile! Food and beverages are available for purchase - second floor banquet room.

UPDATE [10.15.14]: Andy just mentioned he's down and out with a lingering illness and therefore will not be on the Deschutes this weekend; we have no official replacement lined up so it looks like anyone attending will be on their own. Take the opportunity to poke around and see who else may be there from TVTU! [oh and pack your own barbecued bacon wrapped shrimp and quiche...cuz the Rod Kill Grille will not be there]. Let us know how it goes!

OUTING - last of 2014!
WHEN: October 17-20, 2014
WHERE: Deschutes River [Harpham Flats Campground]

WHAT TIME: late afternoon - Friday
WHAT to EXPECT: October
Deschutes means fishing for trout or steelhead - be prepared! Saturday night there will be a barbecue with TU supplying the meat. Those attending are encouraged to help by providing a salad, dessert or some other food item for the group. Cookout cancelled - "cookey" and the grille will not be there - ON YER OWN!
WHAT to BRING: it's a Campouting - bring your camp gear; some grub, your trout and/or steelhead gear; waders and all that other gear you've accumulated over the years that seems to fill all the crevices of your vehicle! Oh and it gets cold this time of year - so warm clothes and sleeping bag - some firewood would be awesome to add to the group fires!
DIRECTIONS: Head over Mt. Hood on highway 26 to the intersection of highway 216. Take 216 past Pine Grove to the intersection of highway 197. Turn right and go through the town of Maupin, cross over the Deschutes River and turn right, and in 0.2 miles take the right fork to River Road. Drive about 5 miles to the Harpham Flats Campground on your right

CONTACT & Specific info/directions:
WHEN: !!!! TBD - Weekend of October 25/26 -  TBD!!!!
WHERE: Derry Dell Creek - Tigard, Oregon

WHAT to EXPECT: This will hopefully be a planting effort to fill in the new culvert/habitat installation near Walnut Creek
. MORE INFORMATION TO COME!!! But get it on your calendar!

Monday, September 29, 2014

ODFW Fish passage....

Another waiver request - ODFW seeks public comment on passage waiver request for Coos Bay North Bend Water Board:

Waivers are on an existing dam on Lower Pony Creek and amendment to an existing waiver for a second dam on Upper Pony Creek; both near Coos Bay. Mitigation involved.

Summary judgement would be that mitigation effort on Matson Creek [with a fish presence] would be a 'net benefit' over providing ANY fish passage at Pony Creek. Seems like ANY improvement is a better step for overall but you can make the call....and let ODFW hear what you come up with!


Remember DEADLINE OCTOBER 15, 2014.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Need something to do?

Here's an idea for the weekend and you might learn something to boot!
Film screening: Sunday September 28; 6:30 p.m. - Hollywood Theatre
On-Line Tickets: clickie here


SEATTLE - Wild steelhead trout are an icon of the Pacific Northwest, revered by anglers and admired enough to be designated the official State Fish of Washington. But this Northwest native is in serious decline, with some scientists saying they may disappear from our region's rivers.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

ODFW Interim Director

Tom Wolf has been monitoring with TU's interest - and adding input & suggestions - the director appointment at ODFW and through Governor Kitzhaber. Many have heard that Director Roy Elicker is resigning effective October 10 to take a position with the USFWS Pacific Region. It was just announced that Curt Melcher will fill the Director position starting October 1 until a new permanent Director is named.

Tom notes he has a good and long-term working relationship with Mr. Melcher and looks forward to continuing to work with him and the remainder of the ODFW board going into the 2015 session - especially with budget concerns and the Directorship at hand!

If anyone cares to share their thoughts - contact Tom through the OCTU website.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Trains...Oil....Listed Species?

PHOTO: Bend Bulletin
Had some concerned members contact us a while back about the trains on the Deschutes and the increased oil transport [ <The Oregonian article> ] they are providing through the region – similar to scenes playing out in the Klatskanie and Puget Sound areas, the concern is for an outdated plan of response and ensuring sufficient and timely access to personnel and equipment when/if something were to happen [think BOEING FUSELAGE acting as Large Woody Debris]. The OCTU met in May when this was brought up and we just got an update from Tom Wolf...........

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

More Derry Dell news.....

A generic project update landed in the TVTU Members gmail box this past Monday - seems like things are happening on Derry Dell! We UPDATED YOU ON THE CULVERT WORK last month - and TVTU hopes to assist the CWS and City of Tigard with some of the restoration work on the reclaimed property noted below; hopefully that work will be both planting and potentially as a local beneficiary of some of our C4C trees! Stay tuned because as Mark Rogers - our TVTU contact for the Derry Dell effort - noted, this is big project overall!

Photo: Doug Vorwaller
September 15, 2014

Derry Dell Creek Restoration Project

Duke Tran, Engineering Project Manager
Clean Water Services

In July 2014, the contractor for the City of Tigard and Clean Water Services (CWS) began work on the Derry Dell Creek Restoration Project. Almost two years ago, the city purchased property along a section of Derry Dell Creek from Woodard Park south to Walnut Street; this purchase enabled the city and CWS to collaborate on a project that will realign and restore a section of Derry Dell Creek. They are also replacing two culverts that convey Derry Dell Creek under Walnut Street with one new culvert to facilitate fish passage and enhance water quality, while at the same time restoring an aging, undersized waterline at SW Johnson Street.

As the Derry Dell Restoration Project takes shape, CWS and the City of Tigard have collaborated on a number of measures to ensure that the area’s wildlife and natural features are protected. This winter, 90,000 native plants will be installed and much of the natural features such as natural habitats and trees removed from the area will be replaced or repurposed.

Friday, September 12, 2014

What'd I miss...September Edition

Back in our routine after the summer focus shift – a fine PICNIC for July and the August break – about 25 TVTU folks converged on our monthly meeting spot at the Lucky Lab Public House in Multnomah Village. Our President, Erle, put a few folks on the spot to introduce themselves – (2) new attendees and a visitor from the Clackamas River Chapter [welcome, of course, we appreciate your willingness to play!]. By the way – visitors are welcome any time in case that wasn’t obvious – no secret handshakes required to attend this group!

Michael Ellis – our esteemed Coordinator of all things Conservation – reported that he and Jon Pampush snuck away to the Deschutes last month; though not timely for current conditions, Michael relayed that the river fished well.....

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Good news!

The TVTU Website appears to be up and running again - thanks for your patience and we apologize for any delays in your getting to read the SEPT / OCT NEWSLETTER!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dont Miss it....September Meeting

David Moskowitz - Deschutes River Alliance
WHEN: September 10, 2014 [THIS WEDNESDAY]
WHERE: Lucky Lab Public House - Multnomah Village [Second Floor
WHAT TIME: 6:30 p.m. social mix - 7:00 p.m. official start
David Moskowitz, Executive Director of the Deschutes River Alliance, will be visiting and sharing information from his non-profit conservation organization comprised of individuals, organizations and businesses passionate about the lower Deschutes River. David has worked as conservation staff for the Association of Northwest Steelheaders, Oregon Trout, Native Fish Society, NOAA Fisheries, Metro and the Wild Salmon Center and now heads the DSA working to protect and enhance the ecosystem functions that support the lower Deschutes River’s environment..
WHAT to BRING: A good attitude, few bucks for some fine pub food and ales from our personal server and a desire to learn more about the Deschutes River and some of the challenges that beloved system is facing - irrigation, trains, altered flows, over-use - and how to help out.

Don't forget as well - Andy has a trip to SW Washington lined up on September 9 - Goose Lake! Contact ANDY - 971.409.six-one-four-nine.

Fall River campouting is coming on September 17 -  ask Andy about it as well!

Monday, September 1, 2014

September at TVTU?

Well, here it is - the 'annual' What's What and Who's What of the TVTU blog.....***WORD OF WARNING*** however,  though laden with LINKS and "click here's" you may not get anywhere by clicking. Yes - technology is currently slowing us down! As you may know most of our links and documents are contained on our website. It just so happens our website is being migrated and secured currently. Therefore, until this gets ironed out by folks more technologically advanced than most of us on the board - we're ALL getting errors. So bear with us and visualize the information linked below! [or for actual information contact the folks noted for additional information!]

Continue on for the basics.......

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Derry Dell - City of Tigard Improvements

Rainy Day Derry Dell Crew '13
It may sound familiar to you - hopefully so at least - Derry Dell creek in Tigard. You may remember that Mark Rogers got the chapter involved with some improvement projects on this local waterway. Well, one of the bigger efforts that City of Tigard will undertake with this project is CONNECTIVITY....

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Of Dogs and Fish - The Chewaucan

A full recap will hopefully be in the upcoming newsletter but suffice it to say Andy's record of rescues continues on TVTU outings - never a dull moment! Steaks and salmon, margaritas, ice cream, owl's, pooches and native Redbands - all in a weekend at a TVTU campouting near you.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Christmas for Coho - Travel Oregon

As promised by Michael and the C4C committee - along with Grant McOmie/KGW Outdoor Reporter - an expanded version of the KGW Grant's Getaways story has been posted on the Travel Oregon website [linked with associated story].

We hope you enjoy it and thanks to Grant and his cameraman Jeff Kastner for coming out and playing on such a blustery day back in January! Thanks as well to the many volunteers and tree contributors who came out as well!


Monday, August 4, 2014

August at TVTU?

Check out the CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS on the website!

WHY? We give everyone the month off - enjoy an outing with the family before the frenetic pace of school, sports, music, work and everything else ramps up again this next month! We know we will be!
WHAT'S NEXT? September 10 the general meetings resume at the Lucky Lab in Multnomah Village. We'll have David Moskowitz with the Deschutes River Alliance as speaker. Please join us then.

<website click>

WHEN: August 15th - 18th, 2014
WHERE: Miller Lake - Eastern Oregon
WHAT TIME: late afternoon - Digit Point Campground [west of Chemult].
WHAT to EXPECT: Miller Lake is about 600 acres of rainbow, brown and kokanee inhabited water - and a few mosquitoes!
The lake is one of only two available for night-time fishing in Oregon. Mouse for big browns anyone? Like many of the eastern Oregon lakes along the divide, Miller can get windy - but there are still some fishable, protected areas near the campground.
WHAT to BRING: TVTU camp is often found near the day-use area end of the campground - away from the boat launch. There is ample shore for moorage near this area; just drive the loops to the left first and look for the TVTU flag. Those attending are asked to bring something to share with the group during the barbecue (dessert, salad, chips and dip, bottle of wine) - that'll happen Saturday night. You'll want a small boat, pontoon or float tube to access the lakes more productive regions. Bug spray is usually desirable. Also it's a campout so drag down your tent/truck cab and other necessary living & cooking gear.
CONTACT: get in touch with Andy Andrews - RSVP if you can!
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Friday, August 1, 2014

Did you read about the Culvert Projects?

The last issue of Trout magazine had an article titled "The Culvert Challenge". Did you read it? 

In an ironic sort of way, ODFW is asking for comments on ODOT culvert projects - simply they are negotiating a three year 'pass' for ODOT on overdue projects. 

Is this DEFERRED MAINTENANCE? Seems to be in a round-about sort of way....the one benefit is some funding for high-priority passage projects which may not have a chance otherwise? Take a read....

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

C4C and Grant McOmie!

In case you missed it and have not been able to find the show - the Grant McOmie episode featuring TVTU's one and only C4C [that's Christmas for Coho if you're not into the whole acronym thing...] aired last week. We dug it up and have it for you right here!