Saturday, April 29, 2017

Don't forget!

2016 South Twin - Board Member George Wilson showing off...
WHEN: May 4 through May 7, 2017
WHERE: South Twin Lake [South Twin Campground]
WHAT TIME: no clocks here - any time you can make it
WHAT to EXPECT: first CAMPOUTING of the year! South Twin is located at 4350 feet and is very near Wickiup Reservoir in Deschutes County. South Twin is stocked with lots of rainbows, but the 18 to 26 inch holdovers are the real target. Primarily an early morning fishery, most of the fish hold near the banks. A Saturday night barbecue will be with the entree supplied by TU. Those attending are asked to bring something to share with the group during the barbecue (dessert, salad, chips and dip, bottle of wine).
Your trip down should be just under 4 hours.
WHAT to BRING: Float tube or pontoon and fishing gear! Also it's a campout so drag down your tent/RV/truck cab and other necessary living & cooking gear. As noted Saturday potluck barbecue - so bring a side dish & drink to share! Friends are always welcome! 

Andy at the Road Kill grill!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Poachers Spoil an Opportunity

This theme is getting all too common; Gilbert River is by no means trout/salmon habitat but this seems to be endemic these days of how good goes bad. Don't forget - keep the TIPline handy!

How to Report a Wildlife and/or Habitat Law Violation or Suspicious Activity:
TIP Hotline:  1-800-452-7888  (24/7)
TIP E-Mail:   (Monitored M-F 8:00AM - 5:00PM)
(Please use the TIP Hotline for Weekend and Evening Reporting)
Download and complete our Violation / Suspicious Activity Report Form and provide the  information to us in person or via phone, e-mail, fax, or mail (click here to access form)
Poaching leads to fishing closure on Gilbert River

Friday, April 21, 2017 
CLACKAMAS, Ore. — The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has adopted a year-round ban on sturgeon fishing in the Gilbert River as well as additional seasonal angling closures.

Under temporary rules that take effect Monday, April 24, the Gilbert River closes....

Friday, April 21, 2017

Fish Passage Comments....

ODFW seeks comment on two fish passage exemptions

April 20, 2017 - REVISED April 21
SALEM, Ore. – The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is seeking public comment on two fish passage exemptions requests, one on an unnamed tributary to W FK Coyote Creek in Lane County and the second on an unnamed tributary to Quedo Creek in Josephine County. Comments are due by May 12, 2017.

The first exemption request is from Tim Payne who is certifying a water right through the Oregon Water Resources Department for a privately-owned existing dam in an unnamed tributary W FK Coyote Creek, a tributary to Fern Ridge Reservoir in the Long Tom River Basin.

David Shotwell is also certifying a water right through the OWRD for a proposed privately-owned dam to be built in an unnamed tributary to Quedo Creek, a tributary to Lake Selmac in the Illinois River Basin. Both of these actions have triggered Oregon’s fish passage laws.

According to Greg Apke, ODFW Fish Passage Program coordinator, ODFW may grant fish passage exemptions if there are no benefits to native migratory fish from providing passage. Because of the site specific habitat conditions and other complete artificial obstructions below the two project locations, ODFW has made initial determinations that even if fish passage was provided, the actions would still result in no net benefit to native migratory fish. If in the future, conditions change from which the decisions were made, exemptions can be revoked and fish passage shall be addressed.

Therefore, unless public comment is provided that would affect the Department's determination, the exemption requests will be approved. 

In the meantime, members of the public will have until May 12, 2017 to submit written comments on the proposed plans. Both fish passage exemption applications and the Department’s benefit analyses are available online.
Members of the public can send written comments to or request additional information from Greg Apke, ODFW Fish Passage Program leader, 4034 Fairview Industrial Dr SE, Salem, OR 97303, e-mail,, or by calling (503) 947-6228

Monday, April 17, 2017

From the DRA....

Hello Erle!

I'm pleased to present you and the rest of TVTU the DRA's 2016 Lower Deschutes River Water Quality Report. This report--along with three other reports we are releasing this spring--represents the culmination of the DRA's detailed investigation in 2016 into the causes and extent of the ecological changes occurring in the lower Deschutes River.

We're truly grateful for TVTU's support in making our 2016 science work possible. I'll be sending along our other reports as they are published. As always, please let me know if there's anything else I can provide for you.
Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

All the best,

Jonah Sandford
Executive Director
Deschutes River Alliance

More information on the Deschutes River Alliance folks? click HERE.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Meeting this week.....

GENERAL MEETING!WHEN: Wednesday, April 12, 2017
WHERE: Lucky Lab Public House [Multnomah Village]
WHAT TIME: 6:30 p.m. [with 7:00 p.m. official program start]
WHAT to EXPECT: Jonah Sandford-Deschutes River Updates
Jonah is the Executive Director of the Deschutes River Alliance will have an update on their Deschutes work plans for 2017.. You have no doubt heard of the ongoing issues and studies on the lower reaches of the beloved Deschutes River. The Deschutes River Alliance is at the forefront of this issue and has led the studies on conditions and water quality in the system. As a group, the DRA advocates for water quality, a healthy ecosystem, and for the establishment and protection of robust populations of resident and anadromous fish throughout the Deschutes' entire watershed. This includes scientific work on the lower Deschutes River and Lake Billy Chinook, to determine the sources and extent of ecological changes occurring in the river. DRA is using that science as a foundation for advocacy efforts, including its Clean Water Act lawsuit against Portland General Electric, where a judge recently overturned a PGE Motion to Dismiss. This lawsuit is a critical first step to restoring the cool, clean water that helped make the lower Deschutes such a treasured stretch of water. TVTU continues to support the DRA and their efforts - please come and hear how you can help further!
WHAT to BRING: a friend and an unburdening desire!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Don't forget....

Tune 'em up folks!

WHEN: Saturday, April 8, 2017
WHAT TIME: mid-Morning around the launch
Just above the Nehalem River off of Highway 26 before Camp 18 this is NOT the lake lost on Mt Hood....don't be confused! Technically, I recall there about 19 Lost Lakes in Oregon. This one we have found though, so join us on this season warm-up for a nice day trip. Check out your float tubes and small crafts to make sure there are no leaks and wrestle your trout gear from the spiders! This is a put and take lake with the added bonus of an occasion recycled steelhead to test your mettle...
As usual, these are very laid back adventures without a protocol or plan, show up and fish!
WHAT to BRING: a float tube and a friend if you wish!

Contact Andy Andrews if you have any questions.

The complete list of 2017 TVTU Outings can be found << HERE >>.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

April at TVTU?

The official arrival of spring has met us with much of the same....our famed Oregon Sunshine! Don't be discouraged, this normalcy will begin to wane away and be replaced by our for-some-too-short summer months. In the meantime, be prepared - these remaining months of spring bring forth some of our most diverse weather surprises - please be prepared and be careful! And keep in mind, the fish really don't care as they have cold, clean water.
Do your part and tread lightly wherever you go and whatever you do; it will help us enjoy what we have for a much longer while. For April - we have the added bonus of kicking off our 2017 OUTINGS SCHEDULE as well as our normal fare.... 
WHEN: Saturday, April 8, 2017
WHAT TIME: mid-Morning around the launch
Just above the Nehalem River off of Highway 26 before Camp 18 this is NOT the lake lost on Mt Hood....don't be confused! Technically, I recall there about 19 Lost Lakes in Oregon. This one we have found though