Where: Lucky Lab Public House - Multnomah Village
            [7675 SW Capitol Highway]
When: second Wednesday each month [except July and August].
Time: 6:30 p.m. gathering time - 7:00 p.m. program start.
What to Expect: The meeting room is the 2nd floor banquet room. There is usually a brief update on Chapter news and events; we ask that new members introduce themselves; allow short tales of any recent member fishing exploits; all that leads directly into the feature presenter.

Raffle: throughout the evening you will have a chance to purchase raffle tickets from our raffle organizer – Ron Reinebach – who assembles some handy and attractive take-homes for the lucky contributor* [Ron loves a good haggle so test your skills! Though he offers some good packages deals!]. You cannot win if you don’t enter so if something catches your eye call on Ron – help further support the Chapter! *

Food and drink: available for purchase at the Lucky Lab meetings [hint: place your order in the banquet room and avoid the lines on the main floor – this service is provided with the room rentals!].

Speakers: we schedule a wide range of interesting and informative speakers at each monthly meeting so there certainly will be many of interest to you. The topics range from fishing guides and instruction to conservation – we even have some Chapter members who have presented on some of their most awesome destination fishing trips! If you have a suggestion for a speaker – please contact us and let us know.

So please plan on stopping by and taking part – and bring your best fishing stories! We hope to see you soon!
*  All proceeds go directly and solely to the Tualatin Valley Chapter to support our projects, meetings, and outings. Must be present to win.

January 10: Marc Williamson - "Flyfishing Central Oregon Lakes & Rivers"
In this presentation, Marc shares photos of many of the popular lakes and rivers in the Central Oregon region...specifically within a short distance of Sunriver. He will discuss techniques, patterns, and equipment for fishing this area; also, locations to stay and eat.
February 14: Chris Santella - "The Tug is the Drug"
Chris combines some readings from his latest book, The Tug is the Drug, and some of his original fly fishing songs. His peripatetic lifestyle and eye for entertaining details--even those that have little to do with the act of throwing flies at fish--will make you look at fishing in a 
whole different way
March 14: Jason Borger - "Nymphing concept"
A non-conventional thought process for approaching nymph fishing, using dry flies as the basis for understanding and success. Not focused on specific techniques, but rather a conceptual discussion that can be applied to many different techniques.
April 11: no meeting/cancelled.
May 9: Joel LaFollette - "The Oregon Trout Trail"
The Oregon Trout Trail was conceived as a way to inspire anglers to explore the great state of Oregon. Our state has such an abundance and variety of trout fishing opportunities yet so many people are stuck in a rut of fishing the same waters all the time. The Oregon Trout Trail is a challenge to any and all who wish to try to catch and release 6 native trout species in our state. Hopefully in doing so they will discover places they have never been before and gather memories that will last a lifetime.
June 13: Simon Gawesworth - "All Things Fly Lines"
Today’s fly fisher is confronted with a myriad of different fly line profiles and types – whether a trout, saltwater or Spey angler. There are so many fly lines on the market – don’t be confused! Simon represents RIO Products and is here to set you straight! He’ll give attendees a complete understanding of the importance of fly line design, and how choosing the right fly line can make the worst rod in the world, work perfectly or, if chosen wrongly, can make the best fly rod fail miserably. Part history, part physics, part chemistry, this discussion is packed with invaluable information that you will find fascinating and humorous. And there may be some added reward…
October 10: Michael Gorman - "All Things Nymphing"
2017 Schedule
January 11: Jeff Morgan - "Winter Flyfishing for Trout"
February 8: Dave Hughes - "Tenkara: Unburdened"
March 8: Ben Walczak/ODFW - "Wild steelhead - locally"
April 12: Jonah Sandford, Executive Director of Deschutes River Alliance
May 10: Marty Sheppard - "A Year of Fishing in Oregon"
June 14: Jeff Morgan - "Flyfishing the Oregon Cascades"
July 12: Annual TVTU / CRTU Picnic!
August: No meeting.
September 13: Stacie Kelsey - "Trout fishing in SW Washington"
October 11: Michael Gorman - "Effective Stillwater Fishing"
November 8: Sarah Zwissler - "Salmon Superhighway"
December 13: Rob Crandall - "Spring Fishing Opportunities"

2016 Schedule
January 13: Jeff Morgan - "Fishing Yellowstone National Park"
February 10: Rick Hafele - "Five Mistakes You Do Not Need to Make"
March 9: Marc Williamson - "Fishing Fall River"
April 13: Bob Wolfe - "Why Fish Chironomids"
May 11: Hal Gordon - "Wyoming Cutthroat and the Cutt Slam Award"
June 8: Andy Andrews - "A Wilderness Survival Kit for Your Car"
July 13: Annual TVTU Potluck Barbecue
August: No meeting.
September 14: Scott Richmond - "Ancient geology and biology of the Deschutes country"
October 12: Michael Gorman - "Steelhead fly fishing;Guerilla Flyrod Tactics"
November 9: Annual State of TVTU meeting.
December 14: Rob Crandall - "Spring Fishing Opportunities"

2015 Schedule
January 14: Bernie Taylor - "Timing the Salmon and Steelhead".
February 11: Dave Hughes - "Trout from Small Streams"
March 11: Jeff Morgan-"The Oddballs"
April 8: Rob Crandall-"Steelhead Mysteries-Winter and Summer"/Water Time Outfitters.
May 13: Melissa Brown-"Urban Fish: Making a Living in the City"
June 10: Isabel LaCourse-Tualatin Riverkeepers "Kids Fishing Camp"
July 8: Annual Chapter Potluck Barbecue!
August 12: NO MEETING!
September 9: Preston Singletary-"The Sea-Run Cutthroat"
October 14: John Pomplin-"Self-guided Alaska Fly Fishing Adventure"
November 11: Tom Wolf-"Comments on ODFW and legislature"
December 9: Scott Richmond-"The Gold Fly Box"

2014 Schedule
January 8: John Weinheimer, WDFW District Fish Biologist - trout fishing in SW Washington.
February 12: Jason Borger - “Approach/Presentation Strategies for Trout.”
March 12: Lizanne Saunders/World Salmon Council - Salmon Watch program.
April 9: Scott Richmond - the seven seasons on the Deschutes River.
May 14: Joel La Follette/Royal Treatment Fly Fishing - "New Challenges".
June 11: Doug Ray - TVTU coastal projects review.
July 9: annual Chapter potluck barbecue!
August 13: NO MEETING!
September 10: David Moskowitz/Deschutes River Alliance.
October 8: Brian Marz/PNW Salmon attack.
November 12: Annual State of the Chapter meeting.
December 10: Marc Williamson - fishing the Crooked River.

2013 Schedule
January 9: Doug Ray: Necanicum projects update.
February 13: Rick Hafele: everything emerger.
March 13: John Bracke: Native Fish Society.
April 10: Rob Crandall: steelhead.
May 8: Joel LaFollette: Metolius River.
June 12: Peter Baxter: fishing Southern Africa.
July 10: Annual TVTU picnic/fundraiser at Cook Park!
August 14: NO MEETING
September 11: Mia Sheppard: T. Roosevelt Conservation Partnership.
October 9: Tom Wolf: TU Lobbyist.
November 13: Hank Hoffman: hackle developer; Annual Meeting.
December 11: Doug Ray: 2013 projects wrap-up.

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