Wednesday, September 6, 2017

September at TVTU??

Holding out for a bit of the 'Oregon sunshine' - we could use it! In the meantime - be safe and considerate when using our outdoor resources. So what is on tap for September to get us through this last bit of summer?

Jerry, our soon to be retiring from the editor position Editor, has filled one of the last editions of his career - take a look and what your chapter is doing!

Just a reminder - although we have an editor in training who has volunteered to take on the TVTU publication.....we could use a hand or two to assist Lori Day with this bi-monthly effort - please let her know! CONTACT US.
WHEN: Wednesday, September 13, 2017
WHERE: Lucky Lab Public House; Multnomah Village

WHAT TIME: 6:00 p.m.
WHAT to EXPECT: Stacie Kelsey-"Trout Fishing in SW Washington"

Expand your fishing geographically! Here's how to get started exploring the trout waters of SW Washington state - our neighbors to the north.
Stacie will provide specific information on where to go, when, and how to fish some of their more productive and easily reached waters close to our metro area.
WHAT TO BRING: a few bucks for a beverage and dinner; throw in a few raffle tickets and your best dinnertime conversation to share with others!

WHEN: September 21-26, 2017
WHERE: Fall River - Fall River Campground
WHAT TIME: whenever you can make it
Hopefully not a lot of smoke! The Fall is one of the beauties of our state - come and share it with with a few other members from the Chapter.

WHAT to BRING: a place to stay and some fishing gear; a copy of the regulations and a side dish or dessert to share at the Saturday potluck dinner! Ask a friend to join if you wish!

Pelican Brewing 5k/10k Benefit Run [and VOLUNTEER!]
WHEN: September 23, 2017
WHERE: Tillamook, Oregon
WHAT TIME: 10 a.m. race start [VOLUNTEERS probably a bit earlier!]
As reported - a charity run; but more importantly for the Salmon Superhwy effort a chance to volunteer and represent Trout Unlimited!
Head over to THEIR WEBSITE and enter or volunteer, there is also all the information you would need to answer all the questions you have!