Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Drink a beer, save a fish! And take a jog....

    Hi TVTU’ers
    Just wanted to pass on an OUTREACH OPPORTUNITY that the Oregon council will be staffing as part of the support for Salmon SuperHwy.
    Pelican Brewing is sponsoring a fun run in Tillamook on September 23.  All proceeds will go toward Salmon SuperHwy.
    There are volunteer opportunities to assist with the event.  If you aren't a runner - please consider helping out by volunteering for this event - and represent TU! 
    There is a volunteer link at the bottom of the home page.
Can't or don't want to volunteer? You can always sign up and participate! Use the same link above.

STILL busy on the 23rd and can't do either - then simply DRINK A BEER and SAVE A FISH in support of the project.
Photo by SchnitzerPHOTO

Monday, August 7, 2017

Speaking of Diamond Lake....

If you've been in Oregon for very long you are ware of the various efforts to eliminate Tui Chubs and shiners [released from 'trophy' bait fisherman's bait wells/buckets] including the last rotenone poisoning. Similar to other battles with mother nature this one continues to thrive - and here is the latest effort to thwart the invasives....

Tui chub (bottom) and a golden shiner (top).  Both fish are present in Diamond Lake, but ODFW says the shiners don't proliferate and affect water quality nearly as intensely as the chub.
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Sterile trout will prey on invasive Diamond Lake shiners

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Last chance for a Diamond...

WHEN: August 4-6, 2017
WHERE: Diamond Lake - Broken Arrow Campground
WHAT TIME: whenever you can make it
Hopefully, you read in our various notices that the date has changed for the Diamond Lake outing [to NOT coincide with the ecliptic state migration in hopes of saving you added pains of sitting idle on our roadways and being shoe-horned into our campgrounds...]. So gather up your camp stuff and flotation devices and join Andy and crew at Diamond Lake. Besides a healthy fishy [and midge population], Diamond is a beautiful body of water shadowed by Mt Thielsen. Come one, come all! Saturday is a potluck dinner - the chapter provides the entree - attendees please bring a side dish or dessert to share.
DIRECTIONS: Take I-5 south to Eugene; Hwy 58 across the mountains to Hwy 97; Hwy 97 South to Hwy 138; follow 138 to the Lake and watch for signs for the Broken Arrow Campground [south end of the lake].
WHAT to BRING: a floating fishing device, bug spray, a dish to share and a friend if you wish!

Andy Andrews is the man to CONTACT.