Wednesday, April 29, 2009

South Twin Lake Outing, May 1-3

The much-anticipated South Twin Lake Outing in recent years has marked the annual debut of the Road Kill Grill. Sadly, this year due to an act of God (edict from wife/mother-in-law to be elsewhere), Andy will not be there with the grill to host the Saturday night feast of mouthwatering delights--or more importantly, unload the bar. So we're on our own, food and drink-wise this year. No matter, the lake is still full of fish, including some hefty holdover rainbows pushing past five pounds. No lie, Paul Vitello got one that was 28" a few years ago. That should give everyone hope. Here's a photo of Dick Hollenbeck holding an early season lunker at South Twin.

Dick annually targets these beasts soon after ice-out and has pretty good success. He'll be there to show you how he does it trolling long lines deep. If you can't hook one of these, there are still plenty of 10-15 inchers willing to play.

On the other hand, why bother with the fishing derby at South Twin when you can go across the road and fish for big browns in Wickiup? Paul Ellis seemed fairly pleased here when we hit the Deschutes Channel arm of Wickiup in May of 2007.

We'll be seeking browns that would beat this relative guppy up. Afterward we hope to see everyone huddling by the campfire at South Twin for a session of toasting our success, and sharing lies and bitter recriminations. Hope to see you there.