Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jeff Gottfried presents Self-Guided Alaskan Tours at May 12th meeting.


I am looking forward to presenting a talk on self-guided fishing trips in Alaska at the next chapter meeting of Tualatin Valley Trout Unlimited on May 12.

I have taken 13 trips to Alaska with groups of friends. The trip that I will be highlighting in my presentation will be a 90- mile rafting journey on the Kisaralik River in the lower Kuskokwim watershed.

On this trip each of our four anglers caught 10 species of fish on flies and caught at least one of every species on an egg-sucking leech! We saw lots of bears (black and brown), musk oxen, caribou, beaver, moose, is the wilderness trip of a lifetime for me.

The Kisaralik allows no guides, so if you choose to make this trip, you are on your own. I'll be showing images telling our story and giving suggestions for self-guided trips.