Sunday, July 18, 2010

Culvert replacement work at Seaside golf course begins

After over a year of delays our chapter was able to start work on the culvert replacement at Circle Creek last Saturday, July 17. TVTU Members Mike Coddington, Alan Moore, Mike Gentry, Bill Schoen, Tom Wolf, and, Michael Ellis joined Troy Laws of ODFW and two members of the Rainland Fly Casters, Bob May and Ernie Rose to clean up the main support beams for the bridge.

We pulled nails, removed bolts and pressure washed. Troy, with Bob and Ernie's help, measured and cut the beams to length. More work will be needed this summer/early fall to install the deck surface and restore the area where the culverts have been removed.

Most of the crew, from the left,: Mike Gentry, Alan Moore, Bill Schoen, Tom Wolf, Troy Laws, Mike Coddington, Michael Ellis. Managing to escape being photographed are Bob May and Ernie Rose.