Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Return to Thompson Creek

Four volunteers came out on September 3rd to help plant beaver food at Thompson Creek. In attendance were TVTU members Eric Thompson, Jeff Disney, Travis Walters, Doug Ray and Michael Ellis. It was an incredibly hot day for the coast.

From left: Travis Walters, Eric Thompson,Austin Tomlinson, Celeste Coulter, Jeff Disney, Michael Ellis, Doug Ray

We met up with Celeste Coulter and Austin Tomlinson of the North Coast Land Conservancy and headed out to the Seaside airport to cut some willow branches. 


We quickly filled two pickups and returned to the Thompson Creek site.

Several people started running augurs and the planting began. 

Within a couple of hours we had created a nice little forest. Some of the starts were screened but a lot was left un screened so the beavers could access and use them.

If you haven’t been by this site for a year or two you will notice some extraordinary changes. Beavers have built a dam and flooded a large portion of the area. I was gratified to see that the area we have dug blackberries in the past is now fairly clear of blackberries.

All in all it was a fine day. Jeff, Eric and Travis went fishing for searuns after the work party. The bright sun didn't help and yet I heard that several fish were caught with one going over 12 inches.

Be sure to check this site for info on our upcoming joint work party tentatively scheduled for  November.