Sunday, February 17, 2013

Work Party Crew Plants Over 1000 Native Plants

text and photos by Michael Ellis

The crew assembles at the top end of the new addition to the off channel wetland complex at Herb Thompsons. from left: Bob May, John Burger, Greg Fritts, Walt Weber, Tom Wolf, Andy Andrews, Jon Pampush, Mike Coddington, Don Kaster, Doug Ray.
On Saturday, February 16th, ten members of Tualatin Valley Trout Unlimited met up with six members of the Rainland Flycasters at the Thompson property to plant native vegetation at the new addition to the off channel wetland complex that both our groups helped to fund. In attendance were TVTU members Andy Andrews, Greg Fritts, Mark Rogers, Janet Rogers, John Burger, Mike Coddington, Don Kaster, Thomas Wolf, Jon Pampush and Michael Ellis and Rainland Flycasters Tom Scoggins, Max Broderick, Bob May, Dean Stanovich, Walt Weber, Herb Thompson and Doug Ray. 

Doug Ray gets the crew up to speed on the days activities. from left: Max Broderick, Dean Stanovich, John Burger, Tom Scoggins, Walt Weber, Don Kaster, Mike Coddington, Tom Wolf, Andy Andrews, Herb Thompson, Jon Pampush, Greg Fritts, Bob May, Doug Ray.
The Necanicum Watershed Council generously supplied a grant to purchase the plant material. Doug Ray and Max Broderick spent a few days prior to our arrival collecting the plants and transporting them to the work site.

We first got a tour of the new off channel wetland complex. Doug told us about all the exciting things that have been happening since it was constructed, including finding spawning Chum Salmon in the wetland and the several thousand Coho fry that have found this refuge.

Doug Ray pointing out the filamentous algae in the off channel wetland complex.

We broke up into two groups. One group began putting coarse woody material into the complex while the other group got to work planting native vegetation. When the branches had all been put in the wetland, everyone began planting native vegetation.

Adding biomass to the off channel wetland complex.

Jon Pampush puts another piece of coarse woody material into the off channel wetland complex.

Mike Coddington adds biomass to the off channel wetland complex as Don Kaster and Andy Andrews look on.

We planted Western Red Cedar, Hooker Willow, Slough Sedge, Bulrush, Red Elderberry, Red and Evergreen Huckleberry, Red Flowering Currant, Kinnikinnic, Red Ossier Dogwood, Salal, Indian Plum, Nootka Rose, Pacific Ninebark, Vine and Big Leaf Maple, and Snowberry Cone, among other species.

Janet Rogers making willlow cuttings.
Doug Ray (left) getting Mark and Janet Rogers going planting willow starts.

Doug Fritts prepares sedges for planting.
Bob May shows Max Broderick where to put the  bundles of cedars for planting.
Tom Scoggins (l) and Tom Wolf planting native vegetation.
The planting is completed in this area.
Greg Fritts planting the banks at the top end of the off channel wetland complex.
Andy Andrews prepares a planting hole.
Mike Coddington prepares a planting hole as Janet Rogers brings another plant.
back row from left: Max Broderick, Jon Pampush, Don Kaster, Mike Coddington, Tom Wolf, Doug Ray, Greg Fritts, Mark Rogers, Herb Thompson, Michael Ellis, front row from left: Tom Scoggins, Andy Andrews, Janet Rogers.

This was a very rewarding day. Thanks to all the volunteers who made this possible. If you want to get involved, e mail me, Michael Ellis, at