Thursday, March 21, 2013

National Recognition for TVTU!

In the April issue of Field & Stream - a national outdoor publication - Conservation Director Michael Ellis was recognized as a Hero of Conservation for the chapter’s “Christmas for Coho” Christmas tree ecocycle program. The magazine features persons and organizations who spend their time working to create, improve, or restore fish and wildlife or habitat and gives credit to those who are dedicated to the spirit of conservation volunteerism and demonstrate a particular extension beyond the normal – as well as a $500 contribution toward the program. It is with great appreciation that Michael can accept the honor for the many dedicated members and organizers who have put forth effort and time to the project!

“Congratulations and thanks members of TVTU! It is ALL of the volunteers that have made this possible” says Michael.

And thank you Michael for your extra efforts!
Don’t forget – you too can help the Christmas for Coho Program.