Saturday, December 21, 2013

Momentum is good.....

More publicity for the Christmas for Coho Project - after receiving some national attention from Field & Stream last year for the Project the editors have remained in contact with the Chapter and they have placed a blurb on their website - pretty nice! Michael shared it with us the other day:

The Chapter was also contacted by the Lamb Foundation who award grants to various Projects and groups. We did not solicit this but rather caught the eye of the board and were prompted to submit Chapter project information. The foundation was able to include the Chapter in their awarding. We are very appreciative of that recognition and will dedicate this granted money to our various goals!

The Lamb Foundation merits: 

The mission of the Lamb Foundation is to support a range of creative programs to improve the quality of human experience.
We are guided by the values of innovation, sound management and the potential for positive impact over time.
Throughout our grantmaking, we particularly encourage those projects that recognize the positive impact of direct action, exploration, and intellectual curiosity.

It is this type of visibility and recognition that will continue to allow the Chapter to meet our TU goals into the future and we appreciate all the recognition but especially the efforts of those who helped us with our various efforts. If you'd like to help - in any manner - CONTACT US.