Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A nice THANK YOU TVTU was sent our way from Liz Saunders/World Salmon Council. You may remember the Board elected to donate the Chapter's portion of funds donated/generated at the 2014 Pacific Northwest Fly Tyers Rendezvous to World Salmon Council. We extend those THANKS to everyone who attended or supported TVTU supporting the Fly Fishing Arts and Conservation Society!

    Dear Erle, Mike and Andy,

    I am sending a separate thank you by snail mail to Erle at the Fly Fishing Arts and Conservation Society address. However, I also wanted to drop a note to you three (and all of our friends at Trout Unlimited Tualatin Valley Chapter) for your role in securing the $700 donation from the Fly Fishing Arts and Conservation Society to World Salmon Council for our Salmon Watch program. We are most grateful for your support. I know that the teacher at Twality Middle School will also be most appreciative of your sponsoring their participation in Salmon Watch this year. It is a great boost to our educational efforts. 

    I would like to invite you and other members of your chapter to participate in Salmon Watch this year. I hope we can arrange for you or one or more of your Trout Unlimited Tualatin Valley Chapter colleagues to accompany a Twality Middle School field trip this fall to see your investment paying dividends in the hearts and minds of young children. We'd love to have you!

    Thank you again so much for your involvement and support.

    Best fishes,

    Lizanne Saunders
    Executive Director
    World Salmon Council