Monday, July 14, 2014

Thinking of you......

While some of us are enjoying the Chewaucan - thought we'd put up some pics from the Timothy Lake outing last month. Andy Andrews once again acting as photographer and kindly sharing:

The Original Fisherman [or is that woman?] - apparently these Osprey were fledging their chicks and the TVTU crew was met with screaming/pleading calls all weekend!
Wish I could tell you whose back this was.......but they're having fun in the North Arm!
AHOY Matey! Prepare to be boarded! Or perhaps ranging the target at port?
Darned invasives! They're no fun....or are they? This appears to be Dick Holenback's arms - once again showing off!
Now the GOOD stuff! The Spread....
The Entree! A person needs their protein....
The End
[Hopefully you can join us soon...]