Friday, December 19, 2014

Tom Testifies......

on behalf of clean water and air for Oregon salmonids.

From Tom on his November efforts in Salem:


First, on November 5 , The Oregon Department of Forestry Board was taking testimony on the state Forest Alternative Manage Plan. I testified for the Land Allocation proposal, with specifics consisting of asking for at least 30% of state forests protected as conservation areas (and hopefully a larger percentage), large no cut buffers not only for larger perennial streams but also for smaller and non-perennial streams, and to include providing more recreational areas in state forests.
The Board adopted the land allocation (70-30) alternative with the specificity to be adopted later. Note I will be working with ODF staff to make sure that there is adequate and substantial no cut buffers, large conservation areas and adequate recreational areas. The final recommendations will be worked on by ODF staff and approved by BOF in about a few months.

Second, on November 6, I testified before DEQ commission on their Clean Fuels program, where they will be looking at proposing new rules in January. I testified in support of stronger rules within this program to limit carbon emissions and thus limit climate change/global warming. I sited studies which show that if unstopped, carbon emissions will cause wild native salmonids to lose over 50% of their habitat due to excessively high water temperatures. I also sited studies about the importance of fishing to Oregon's economy - especially in rural parts of the state and how the demise of wild trout and salmon will have an adverse impact on those rural town economies.

The DEQ commission will make a decision in January 2015.