Saturday, February 21, 2015

What'd I miss - February Edition

February TVTU Meeting
Hooo boy! You did miss out indeed - the annual February mixed meeting really came together this year! Our shared meeting with Stonefly Maidens always is a crowd gatherer and this year was no exception - over 75 persons attended! Hard to beat a showing like that.....and truth is though we formally invite the Maidens and share the February meeting, the invitation is really a standing one. It would be spectacular to have the ladies participate every month [which several actually do as we know many are members of BOTH clubs!].
A lucky winner - THANKS Stonefly Maidens!
We also debuted the new TVTU portable PA system - what an addition; the discussion has been on going for years but the action occurred just recently. There are some line of site issues with transmission we noticed and some other peculiarities but rest assured when Jeff Morgan presents next month - we'll know a lot more to better use this nice set up! The better for everyone to hear!

So the crowd settled in with some nice malted beverages and food from our friends at the Lucky Lab......
and we had a few announcements:

Tom Wolf was present and gave us a quick update on some Salem items - [including the then pending Governor exchange...] - primarily bills and such; for a current review of the 2015 Legislative table check out the LEGISLATIVE page on our blog:
  • Elliott Forest: this important forest area is under the single control of Department of State Lands and is being reviewed for alternative oversight.
  • Increases in poaching penalties - fish and game.
  • Reforming ODFW & alternative funding sources
  • ODFW directorship [though we now know Curt Melcher was given the nod 
Erle reminded us that the NW Fly Fishers are hosting their annual GARAGE SALE & PANCAKE BREAKFAST on March 21; NW Fly Fishers gave the TVTU Christmas for Coho project a nice project bump this year - their portion of the FFACS tyers rendezvous donations! That was $400 of nice bumpin'! Thanks so much to the folks at the Northwest Fly Fishers club!

Paige Wallace let us know that TVTU has added a FACEBOOK page; her and member Peter Gray have volunteered to man [and woman] that effort! We hope you 'LIKE' us soon! And don't forget Michael Ellis and Paige set up a community for the C4C project!

At this point our speaker Dave Hughes wrestled the mic from Ron Reinebach who had given a run down on the great assemblage of raffle & door prizes on his table - side bar [Ron's a former lawyer so it's fun to use his lingo around him....]: Ron's effort with the raffle prizes at each meeting has consistently PAID for the Lucky Lab meeting venue; great effort and THANKS to those members and attendees who participate - or get browbeat into playing with Ron! And thanks to RON!

Thanks Ron - raffle champion!
After the dust settled and Dave got the mic - he was pleased to note that close to 30 people had attended the casting and gear seminar held before the meeting! Nice! So Small Streams - what's up with that Dave?

Peter captures George, Jerry and Dave discussing the efficacies of spey on small waters during the casting demonstration....
Dave self defines a small stream as any waters that block those pesky 'trash' fish - such as salmon and steelhead; where the wild trout reigns and paths littered with sand shrimp cartons do not exist...he admits though that most of what is learned about small streams applies to big water as well - after all big water has many small streams within them that folks already know about and key into. We're just talking that same knowledge but downsizing to water that only supports one of those same elements in a given run.

Key points, challenges and fundamentals:
  • Hit your targets [cast UNDER the overhanging limb, not INTO the overhanging limb] - precision is often the key to success
  • Navigating the streams - often these remote waters are cause for bushwhacking adventures [be prepared and take a stream buddy]
  • Finding the small water - these areas are not publicized very often - simply put, they cannot support the throngs of metro-fishers [pull out your map - explore; post to facebook your success and prowess but be kind to the water and forget the name]
  • Look before you launch - often stated, rarely followed. key for small water and skittish fishes; check it out before you step into or up to the waters edge [or cast INTO that overhanging shrubbery.....
  • Cyclical Logging: forest streams can take 30-40 years to regenerate; here in the NW that is the modern turnaround for parcel logging - so just as your favorite water comes back, so do the loggers. Be mindful of the pressure. Modern laws are better for streamsides but streams are still affected.
So what are your targets? Same as usual but smaller: seams, pockets, root wads, and benches. Benches are those areas with stepped water and rock spill-overs - flat water above, pool water below - BTW.

Timing? Dave asserts the fish move with the calender - and often with the sun:
  • Spring/early summer: fish are keying on waterborne foods - look to the heads of pools as critters wash over into these feeding zones.
  • Summer: temps are rising - key in on cooler water in deeper pools; use time of day to dictate your strategies [dries/nymphs/streamers]. And be careful with fish as water temps rise and oxygen levels drop....
  • Fall: look to the tailouts where critters congregate after floating through that pool.
Techniques? Dave is fan of using what you brung - you don't need fancy gear and two-handed stuff for this [it usually is a mistake to try actually] but the key is a good repertoire of casts - side arm, roll, wriggle, between the leg, dapping etc.....he has become aware that Tenkara long rod fishing can be great fun; micro-rod fishing has a niche as well. Each is simple - rod only, no reel to get in the way. Try 'em if you want but GET OUT THERE!

"FIND YOUR OWN PLEASURE" - Dave's parting words........

This may the small stream rule - but you might get a surprise if you pay attention!

Oh and do you need to read a good book? Check out "BLANK" - learn about life and little about fishing; the folks in the audience who read it - all agreed. Truth was - apparently, there is more hidden away in that prose about small stream fun! [and although Dave recommended this book - he agreed you should still CHECK OUT those he has authored as well! Look for them at your local fly shop].

NEXT MONTH [March 11]: Jeff Morgan - The Oddballs. A review of the lesser known targets of gastronomical satiation for our piscine brethren.