Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Latest Newsletter?

Well....we've been struck by technical difficulties yet again. And why does it always happen around newsletter time?

So for now - without a website - here is the best we can do....a direct embed. If all this works you should see a window below with The Trout Line front page showing, there should be a SMALL BOX WITH AN ARROW in the right hand corner of the picture; hover your curser in that area and it should appear; click that little box and the latest newsletter will pop-up in a readable size....if technology works that is.....GOOD LUCK!

If that doesn't work - click the link below to go to THE CLOUD and see [yeah, I have no idea what that means's amazing we've gotten this far with the Newletter!]. Hopefully the website will be back shortly - in some form or another [we have pro's on it! really!]