Thursday, November 19, 2015

December 5 - put it on your calendar!

The INVITATION: Wild North Coast TU has invited members of the TVTU chapter to participate in a riparian planting project on December 5, 2015.

WHAT to EXPECT: We'll be collecting and installing willows and conifers around the riparian edge of the Forest Lake campground off channel wetland complex dike breach project.

WHAT to BRING: Bring waders, rubber boots, work gloves, layered clothing, and anything else you'll need for a few hours in the field on the coast in December. The work should be less than 3 hours and likely more like 2 if we have a good turnout. WNC will provide tools.

LUNCH and MORE: Then on to fishing and lunch at the Relief Pitcher Tevern for those up for a tuna reuben sandwich [a don't miss in Seaside!]. BRING YOUR PREFERRED FISHING GEAR!! Some of the very best steelhead drifts on the river are present at the project site, and Gary Freeman the landowner, has offered to let any and all volunteers fish from his property for the day - no fee!

Doug Ray, the event organizer, will have local beer available. We should have a good crew so if we get the work done quickly, fishing for early winter steelhead is on, and bobber and egg fishing for Chinook is possible as well.

WHEN and WHERE: We'll meet at Klootchy Creek County Park at 10:00 a.m. on Dec. 5 and caravan out to the work site from there. If you need more info, call Jon Pampush at  503-330-7934.
You might recall that TVTU provided some support and also made a $1000 dollar conservation investment in this project; besides loving the Necanicum system! So continue the tradition and work off some of that Holiday meal!
Early stages of the Forest Lake dike breach porject