Friday, April 22, 2016

A project report from Mark....

TVTU Volunteers and Cascade Education Corps working the wetlands...
Mark Rogers, our newly volunteered Youth Coordinator, sent us a quick update on the April 7th Project on Derry Dell - Mark, Erle, Jon, Lee and Janet all found some time to meet up with the Cascade Education Corps to plant some riparian areas. Looking good Mark!

Here's what Mark says:

Tualatin Valley Trout Unlimited volunteers endured bright sunshine, 85 degrees and boot sucking mud to make Derry Dell creek just a little more friendly......for our natural neighbors. This time out we worked with the Tigard High School's  Cascade Education Corps and Clean Water Services. We planted many trays of sedges and native marsh grasses as well as gallon pots of willows. We were rewarded for this and past work by sighting a male wood duck in full spring colors cruising the new beaver pond complex. Hats off to the beavers who do much of the heavy work. Great habitat for young cutthroat and maybe coho.
Thank you to Erle Norman, Jon Pampush, Lee Perry and Janet Davis who braved the elements and the traffic on 99W. Thank you to Christian Hanning of Clean Water Services and Jo Linden Coordinator of the Cascade Education Corps.

Mark Rogers
Youth Coordinator