Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August at TVTU?

GENERAL MEETING - none in August!
NO MEETING THIS MONTH; don't forget we forego the member meeting for August. Too many family vacations and kids camp etc to get interest and coordination. So take some time and go fishing and exploring or do something good for a stream near you!

WHEN: August 10, 12, 24 & 26 [inclusive or exclusive!]
WHAT: Tualatin Riverkeepers Kids Camps
WHAT TO DO: Volunteer some time if needed; contact Mark Rogers to see what hte needs may still be. For more information check out << THIS POST >>. More information by contacting Mark Rogers.

WHEN: August 19-21, 2016
WHAT TIME: Whenever you can show up [Andy usually is there Thursday evening]
WHAT to EXPECT: One of the most storied of the outings and not generally an annual one - ask about the TVTU sponsored conservation sign near the campground check-in - one of Andy's best! Gold Lake is known for bruiser 'bows and also no limit Brook trout fishing. Fishing is C&R for rainbows and barbless all around. The dry fly hatch fishing can be insane.
As always a Saturday night potluck barbecue - bring a side dish or dessert to share. UPDATE: no potluck is planned - try something impromptu if you'd like; apologies for the confusion. Also some stories for around the campfire. If you're have some time, hike into the upper and lower Marilyn's.
Contact ANDY ANDREWS for more info.