Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fish Foto's?

Help a fish out; the days of the grip-n-grin are dwindling but we still want some memories. Here are some tips from the folks of Gink & Gasoline:
Courtesy Gink&Gasoline      photo by Louis Cahill
Good points from the guys there with some added bonus material; the following 8 tips are discussed/elaborated - each being a good discussion point. Keep them in mind when you next want to document a catch....
  • Carry enough net
  • Let the fish recover
  • Get your act together....
  • Hold the fish right
  • Keep the fish in the water 
  • Leave the fly in the fish 
  • Take a knee 
  • Relax
added bonus:
  • There’s one more thing that I don’t think gets talked about enough - Not every fish is created equal....