Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Done for 2017!!

Christmas for Coho tree collection for 2017 is in the books. We have some coordinating to do with ODFW and others before placement areas are determined for our river systems but look for word soon.

In the meantime, thanks to all those who organized and volunteered with this great effort - though hampered by the weather, we took in several hundred trees!! The organizing crew of Peter Gray, Lori Day, Andy Andrews, Paige Wallace, Jon Pampush and Mike Gentry did another great turn this year. We also saw many returning faces from our volunteers - THANK YOU ALL!

Also special thanks to our sponsor sites  Royal Treatment Flyfishing of West Linn and Northwest Fly Fishing Outfitters of Portland. We really appreciate all the things these folks help us out with - please help them out when you can! Besides being great supporters they are fine shops.

Thanks to the RTFF crew January 14th - especially Mike Gentry, Michael Swinarski and host Joel LaFollette.