Friday, January 17, 2014

Do you know this guy? You should!!

WANTED! For excessive enthusiasm.....

Whilst perusing the February 2014 issue I get to page 23 and what do I see? Hey! I recognize that guy!
Our very own HERO and friend in the field Doug Ray of Seaside has been recognized by
magazine for his conservation efforts on the coastal Oregon Rivers.

Doug has championed, coordinated and organized many of the TVTU Chapter projects on the Necanicum River and has been a big supporter of the Christmas for Coho Program. His infectious enthusiasm and unending drive - not to mention his expertise in the field - has brought much attention to many of the rehabilitation and conservation projects on the coast and the efforts are easily seen!

So congratulations to "our" long time hero and overall great guy! And we can say we all "knew him when".....
Way to go DOUG!