Friday, March 28, 2014

Cold CLEAN Fishable Waters

The video above was circulated by the Bitterroot Chapter of TU in a recent Chapter newsletter; one of our members forwarded it along [he has ties back to Montana]. Many actions affect water - many are affected by actions around water.

From the BRTU notice: There's not much trout fishing over in the Colstrip area of Montana, but the attached video is a moving and compelling reminder of why TU fights for water quality. Think the same thing could happen here? You bet! This could be the proposed gold mine on the Blackfoot that seems to never die or the one proposed for Blue Joint in the Bitterroot. The cowboy poet (a real cowboy, not a lavender cowboy) in the video is Wally McRae who has been fighting for the environment in eastern Montana for decades.

Power. Ranching. Wild things. Farming.
We demand it.
We NEED it.

Slowly migrating toward a waterway near you...