Monday, March 17, 2014

Women TVTU Members - heads up!

In the fall of 2012, TU launched a campaign aimed at getting more women to sign up as members - THANK YOU to all who took advantage!!

This venture offered women complimentary trial memberships over the course of the year. Over 2,500 women signed up [nationally. TVTU membership hovers just a bit south of that number...cough...cough....even with the added new members]! The program has been deemed a success - and thanks to all of you who had your moms/wives/sisters/aunts/girlfriends/best friends/neighbors consider joining!

ABSOLUTELY! And the good news? TU has extended the trial membership offer for first time women members to May 31 of this year.

But the BETTER NEWS? Women can RENEW for half price!! After boasting a 13% retention of these trial memberships TU wants to outdo that number! So for $17.50 you can renew and the Chapter [that's US - #633]  will receive $15 of that DIRECTLY for local Oregon chapter use!

So TRIAL MEMBERSHIPPERS! You know who you are - RENEW and help out again!