Sunday, June 1, 2014

Outings Anyone?

Some photos have been trickling in from Andy and other members [and guests] - we've been a bit remiss in getting them up and out there for folks to see! So without further ado - provided by Temris Ridge - daughter of our very own Mark Rogers [board member and all-around excellent restorative laborer...].

Lost Lake 2014!!

Pretty certain this is Mark pulling oars.....extra pints if you can remember the name of Mark's floating craft!

TVTU Hatch.....Andy doing his best emerger imitation
Andy, wondering why he brought the net.
A shot of sun brings out the bugs.....
Lost Lake
Thanks for the images Temris!

Look for some stories of this and other adventures from 2014 in upcoming newsletters - better yet, stop by, say hello, and take a few shots yourself!