Sunday, June 8, 2014

What'd I miss....May edition

So did you want to make the May General meeting but that Blazer playoff game enticed you to the TV instead? We have you covered....and hopefully you can catch us in June!

Read on for what you missed for May.......

How'd we do members? Well about 34 folks attended to hear our friend Joel LaFollette speak about trying new things - still not bad for a Blazers playoff night! Thankfully those most intelligent of smart phones abounded for folks to give updates when required [unfortunately - the game ended up being one for the 'L' column on the series....and we now know how the whole thing played out for Portland].

To start with we had a few 'new' members introduce themselves - one - Ms Erin Conway - we also just 'lost' as a member! But that is okay - Erin transferred her recent membership - along with her address - out to the new North Coast Chapter. It was good to have her and the others present - hopefully, we'll see you all again!

Erle reminded us that the Tualatin River Watershed Council was presenting their fish survey findings; a few members were to have attended so we may have an update from Steve Trask/biologist on what we may look forward to on some future Projects!

Mark Rogers followed up with some info on the Derry Dell Creek project - he said look forward to another effort in October. That Project is done in conjunction with City of Tigard and Clean Water Services and is primarily restoring and opening sections of the creek to cutthroat populations through habitat restoration, invasive plant removal, and culvert replacement which block migration. Mark also shared that for 2015 there may be some opportunities through Metro land purchases for some large projects here in the basin.

Joel and his .... next target?
Joel LaFollette - owner and operator of Royal Treatment Fly Fishing - then accepted the gavel and continuing the conservation theme, relayed some interesting information on the Deschutes Basin that has been on many radar screens recently - those recently completed mixing towers at the Pelton Round Butte dam [PGE project]. The Deschutes River Alliance has been doing some flow and temperature monitoring below the dam and found some interesting affects from the water distribution implemented a few years ago - algae from the lake are taking hold in the lower river and are not helping with the normal bug production seen in the river <CLICK for report>. So although the upper river and migrating salmon have benefited the lower river is showing early signs of adverse change. If you want to know more and become educated and/or get involved in that one-of-a-kind fishery contact the folks at Deschutes River Alliance today!

Joel then continued on with fishing destinations. What does this mean? Well, different things for different folks. The biggest concern is that we not develop a rut in our hobbies - do you find yourself going to same places over and over? Ever bail on a trip because you've been there before and...well...maybe you just no longer feel enthusiastic? The easiast way to combat this is set a goal - Joel chooses to try for 12 new adventures each year. Sound aggressive? Depending on what your choice targets are - maybe not.

Are you looking to get to a far away land with exotic species? Maybe it is just a new species right here in the metro area [yes, there ARE numberous local choices!]? The goal is simply to keep yourself interested and challenged - especially challenged. Hitting that outside range of your own personal comfort level is a great way to challenge and extend your time on the water. How?

2013 PHW    by Ron Rhodes
Often the challenges come from discoveries while volunteering [another great reason to get together with the TVTU folks for some ground work...] - Joels' example? He helps Jerry with the on-water transportation for the coastal cuthroat PHW trips - while doing this trip last year, he discovered a lady fisherman swinging the same coastal water for chinook....His more applicable example for you boat collectors [apparently, Joel has a boat parking problem at his house] - you need excuses for your spouses right? Find a fishery to take that rarely used boat to! Joel hit up the Puget Sound region this past year - cutts and humpies and silvers, OH MY! Access is crazy easy - Hood Canal/Gig Harbor/Pt Defiance. The Sound has a year-round fishery.
Been on a family vacation recently? Drive the family truckster past some REALLY attractive waters but the destination was Wally World and not flycasting? Mark the map [or most likely that GPS thing in the dash - or maybe have your kid do it for you....] and head back later! New destination....

The neighbors to the south have stripers [yes, that transplant from the eastern shores] - the Bay area; take the spouse and split your time. New species....
Traveling to Southern Oregon? Look into the Elk; the Sixes; Port Orford - lots of tidewater. How about that trip to the coast? Take your flyrod - jetties have fish; even the surf may surprise you with some surf perch!
Pushing the limits yet? Feeling uncomfortable? GOOD! How about a trip to exotic locations? You can find a destination to share with the spouse often - take in some bonefish or tarpon...flats or mangroves! Joel just returned from a baby tarpon trip on the Yucatan [I actually did a hosted trip to Venzuela last year with Joel; WAYYYY outside my boundaries! WAAYYY more worth it and exceeded even my craziest expectations!].

South American bone - Did I know what I was in for? NO WAY!!!
So how do you go about it all? Dream big. And remember getting there and learning is over half of the fun; the internet, your local shop, outfitters/guides, friends, relatives or that someone you met while out trying something new are all steps to getting you there.

However, remember most of all - this leads to getting out enjoying what we have, who we know and better yet - who we may meet! This should extend beyond just catching fish. It is an adventure - like life. And one not as the end - but the beginning. So get out there - accept the CHALLENGE!

As we wrapped up the night, the board presented Joel with a certificate to show the appreciation of TVTU for his support in our Projects - especially Christmas for Coho! His efforts have been above and beyond! And as proof of his further dedications - Joel had TVTU send his speaker fee to Casting for Recovery again in 2014!

Hope you enjoyed the trip - join us on June 11th for Doug Ray and Melyssa Graeper on the TVTU coastal projects!