Thursday, August 21, 2014

Derry Dell - City of Tigard Improvements

Rainy Day Derry Dell Crew '13
It may sound familiar to you - hopefully so at least - Derry Dell creek in Tigard. You may remember that Mark Rogers got the chapter involved with some improvement projects on this local waterway. Well, one of the bigger efforts that City of Tigard will undertake with this project is CONNECTIVITY....
As part of that - to improve movement of in-stream and migrant inhabitants - a crossing at Walnut Street was targeted for improvement. This will expand the habitat of Walnut Creek up into Derry Dell for cutthroat trout among other water dwellers.

We we are pleased to pass on that the culvert work HAS COMMENCED! In an email from Sally Murdoch - one of the project coordinators - the following brief description and photos were sent:

Ms. Murdoch writes:

Hello TV Trout Unlimited,

Attached are images of the first section of new culvert that was lowered into place Monday [8.18.14]  near Walnut Street in Tigard. This culvert will convey Derry Dell Creek under Walnut Street and will increase capacity, facilitate fish passage and enhance water quality.
Culvert replacement - that's a big one!  photo: Doug Vorwaller
Flying it in and hitting the marks!  photo: Doug Vorwaller
For more info on the City of Tigard construction project <CLICK HERE>.