Sunday, August 17, 2014

Of Dogs and Fish - The Chewaucan

A full recap will hopefully be in the upcoming newsletter but suffice it to say Andy's record of rescues continues on TVTU outings - never a dull moment! Steaks and salmon, margaritas, ice cream, owl's, pooches and native Redbands - all in a weekend at a TVTU campouting near you.

So while the folks chase the fabled browns at Miller Lake - we'll throw out some photos from the July Chewaucan trip. Enjoy....

EDIT: meant to add some specifics for those interested. THe pictures show the Chewaucan at about 25cfs; while there it fluctuated between 24 and 28 and perhaps a bit higher based on thunderstorms in the area. The gauge reading and others for SE Oregon are available on-line through the Oregon Watermaster website. About 2.5 weeks prior - mid-June - I had passed through this area and done a pre-scout; at that time the Chewaucan was moving a bit over 50cfs! Interesting to see the changes in such a short time frame for these desert waterways - especially considering this area of the Chewaucan has very little irrigation draw. Mind you - many other creeks in this region are running at less than 5 cfs; many are dry/potholed yet the Redbands continue.

The hoppers were not yet out so swinging wet flies was probably most productive. Small bushy dries were hit and miss. The water varied greatly from bouldered broken water to flat gravel runs where spot and stalk was possible. Edges and deep runs were the most productive but the fish did not care all that much about deep shade - many were seen holding in full sun at the mid-point of day [they did however have a safe-zone to immediately retreat to if anything disturbed them].

Oh and short of a few water and grass [garters and racers] - no snakes made themselves known!

Welcome to Camp - Martster Springs CG!
Tent City TVTU
The Chewaucan Welcomes Andy Andrews
Andy concentrates on the drift...
Robert surveys the Chewaucan.
Typical Native Redband from the Chewy

A few bigger ones are hiding in there!
Bigger yet!
Come back and play again!