Friday, January 30, 2015


The Board is pleased to announce the recently vacated Vice President position of Tualatin Valley Chapter for Trout Unlimited has been filled! Two persons were nominated for the position - Mark Rogers and Jon Pampush. Both Mark and Jon are existing Board Members who play active roles in championing conservation efforts for the Chapter and each can easily fill the roll.

After some internal discussion between them - Jon Pampush readily accepted the nomination and during the January 27, 2015 monthly Board meeting his nomination was seconded and carried. Congratulations Jon and THANK YOU!

Jon Pampush, TVTU Vice President           photo: M Ellis
Jon was elected to the TVTU Board in November 2013. He has been an active participant and organizing member for our own Christmas for Coho program. Beyond that direct contribution Jon is very familiar with conservation items and particularly the scourge that is invasive plants in the West - so much so he is the executive director of The Western Invasive Plant Alliance - a non-profit dedicated to preventing the introduction and spread of invasive plants; they are headquartered in Tigard, Oregon. Jon is also an active member with the Tualatin River Watershed Council as Commercial and Recreational Fisheries Representative; he also is a member of that councils Watershed Watch Committee.

We appreciate Jon's dedication and welcome him to the vice-presidency!