Sunday, August 2, 2015

August at TVTU?

August is here - along with the continued heat! Be careful in your adventures and do not forget to be kind to the cold water loving friends of ours as they struggle in the warm water. In case you missed it ODFW has some closures worth noting on Oregon streams - regardless, handle fish gently and keep 'em wet!

What is TVTU doing in August? To start - we're taking a break - NO MEETING in August! We do have an outing - on some warm water for some warm style fishin' and camping! Come join us for some unbelievable summer evening time in Central Oregon!

We take an annual break so families can spend time together before school and all the rest of that hectic life which is associated with school starts again.
Wednesday, September 9, 2015
WHERE: Lucky Labrador Public House
WHAT to EXPECT [in SEPTEMBER]: Preston Singletary speaking on searun cutthroat.

WHEN: August 7-9, 2015
WHERE: John Day River - Cottonwood Canyon State Park
WHAT TIME: when you get there

WHAT to EXPECT: Cottonwood is one of the newest state parks in Oregon; this area has a great success story for private to public land transitions overseen by our friends at Western Rivers Conservancy. You're most likely award this area of the John Day is a warm water fishery primarily - at times steelhead pass through - but for now expect smallmouth bass, bluegill, and carp. So pack up some woolly buggers, poppers, crawdad patterns and see how many smallies will smash those to bits! There are also many trails leaving from the camp area There is a fee for camping.
WHAT to BRING: This is an overnighter - so bring your gear. Don't forget it may be hot but sometimes this means cool nights and thunderstorms; kayaks, rafts and drift boats are sometimes used. Andy will be hosting a cookout Saturday night - TVTU provides the entree, bring a side dish and drink to share!
Right now campfires are out - charcoal in rings and propane are good; be sure to double check with the regulations!

The park is on Hwy 206 between Wasco and Condon - right on the river; you might have to look for signs as the park is so new many maps/mapping devices do no show it!