Monday, August 10, 2015

Steelhead and the Crooked River...

Crooked River Steelhead and Opal Springs
Opal Springs Fish Passage
by Dwayne Meadows

As iconic Oregon fisheries go the Crooked River is an amazing resource. One of the great bread-and-butter trout streams of central Oregon, it not only fishes well, but is amazingly beautiful as well. The Crooked is a working river, providing water for communities and farms as well as recreation for anglers and boaters.
As a major tributary to the Deschutes, the Crooked has always been a focus for Trout Unlimited and our local Deschutes Chapter. For years our efforts to work with water users, conservation groups and municipalities to conserve habitat values and enhance angling opportunities have been successful.
Now steelhead are swimming in the Crooked River after being absent for 50 years....