Friday, September 11, 2015

Our friends at WNCTU....

Doug Ray of the Wild North Coast Chapter near Seaside copied us with an email recently - and according to their FACEBOOK page - the Forest Lake dike removal project is complete! Complete enough that the plug placed at the opening may come out within the week [the plug is placed to ensure the trapped water settles and does not introduce excessive silt in the main river].
The last piece - the plug will come out soon!
Doug further notes that more of this type of flood plain restoration/off channel wetland complex habitat restoration....
...has been completed in the Necanicum watershed than most any other on the Oregon coast!

In case you our unaware this was a major kill site of wild Coho, lamprey and cutthroat trout along with a myriad diversity of other wildlife every early summer on the Necanicum. The site is near the Forest Lake Campground and RV Park. TVTU pledged $1000 earlier this year to help with the effort; this was also WNC Chapter's first Embrace a Stream Project. Congrats for the great work!
Eliminating that entrapment/kill site and restoring it to some of the very best, highest function off channel wetland complex rearing habitat in the Necanicum watershed is something the WNCTU chapter and its main partner the NWC and others can rightly be so very proud of. TVTU can be proud as well of our continued partnership with Doug and WNCTU - between christmas trees and donations of time and dollars the Necanicum is reaping the benefits!
Thanks Doug and TVTU members!