Wednesday, January 13, 2016

C4C Tallies are in!

Results of the 2015/2016 C4C effort are in - everyone should be very proud of the work accomplished thus far! And remember: tree placement will occur this summer so keep an eye out for your chance to further this effort and benefit the coho/steelhead and other denizens of the Clackamas River.

Trees data:
  • Total collected - 320 [both Jan 2 and 9]
  • Northwest Fly Fishing Outfitters site brought in 154
  • Royal Treatment collected 166 [to the best of my recollection this is the first year RTFF has out collected the NWFFO team over the entire collection period]
  • Once again the trees at RTFF trended 1-3 feet bigger than trees at NWFFO [not that size matters!]
  • Driest tree:  though no official award was given apparently each location had a fair percentage of qualifying crispies! Good to have these to turn into a something besides fire starters!
Top 3 news sources?
  • Bill Monroe/Oregonian [31.4%]
  • Repeat customers [20.7%]
  • Joel/Royal Treatment newsletter [9.2%]
Publicity is paramount to the success of the program - THANKS to all those who helped pass on the word - especially the many wives of the respondents who have quite a controlling interest!
  • Other news sources: friends [8.4]; C4C volunteers [3.3]; NWFFO email/poster [4.1]; New Seasons stores [3.3]; Google/Internet/Facebook [3.7]; Grant McOmie article [2.9]; Oregon Zoo website [3.3]
The growing pile!

Jon unloads another future river condo...