Thursday, January 21, 2016

What'd I Miss...September edition

Almost 30 members showed up to the our 2nd Floor meeting room at the Lucky Lab Public house in Multnomah Village earlier this month for the TVTU general member meeting – there was some early talk about the speaker, Jeff Morgan and who knew of him and why. There were also shared stories [or dreams] about fishing Yellowstone Park; some folks had been into the park and many had been nearby - the talk centered on that. 
Another book by Jeff Morgan
As always Erle Norman mc’d the meeting with some official Chapter business – the most important of which was confirmation of Peter Gray as the latest At-Large Board Member. Peter gladly accepted the nomination and the full house confirmed his placement!

Congrats to Peter as well as the Chapter for having Peter contribute to our future! Peter has worked with the C4C planning committee for the last two years and has helped with the project as a volunteer since 2012! He has also helped with the Public Outreach efforts and has a keen interest in extending opportunities and education for children in the outdoors. Peter is also a self-professed small stream junkie!
Peter in action on a local small stream
Erle noted the Oregon Council recently mailed out a State of Oregon TU report; it highlighted all of the Chapters in Oregon as well as what the State Council has been involved with. It was well done and we hope all TVTU members took the opportunity to read it!

Dick Hollenback made a request late last year to the TVTU Board for anyone interested in manning the TU booth at the February Sportsman’s Show [Feb 10-14]. Contact Dick Hollenback for information and remaining slots; slots are first-come-first-served and include entry for one into the show.
A NWFFO Crew - including Peter, Jon, and Tom Wolf.
Mike Gentry gave a prolonged ‘short’ recap of this year’s C4C tree collection effort. Mike and crew were pleased with the results – over 300 trees collected! Look for future opportunities to retrieve trees from our partners at McKenzie Farms as well as placement opportunities. If you are not already on the volunteer list – please contact us and you will receive Project notices and work party updates. A grand thanks should be made to our hosts at Northwest Flyfishing Outfitters and Royal Treatment Fly Fishing – they have been with us since inception and continue to provide some great support and publicity for the project! Finally a great THANK YOU to all our intrepid and dedicated TU chapter volunteers for helping! [for more info - <<<<CLICK>>>>.

Tom Wolf stopped by primarily to hear Jeff speak but added a few tidbits for the upcoming 2016 short legislative session – key bills that will be entertained during the 5-week effort in Salem:
  • Suction Dredge Mining – the moratorium is in effect; an effort will be made to provide a permanent response to address everyone’s ideals.
  • Strengthened Poaching bills – especially on Columbia River sturgeon; these fish are getting hammered by markets from foreign interests.
  • Drought Task Force bill – after last year’s poor water conditions a task forec was created to help establish a plan for the future situations that will address everyone’s ideals [including fishes]. Tom was bit skeptical on this item as we have recently been inundated with rainfall and drought is furthest from anyone’s short-term memories right now.
  • HB 2402 – long-term funding alternatives for ODFW.
  • Artificial Beaver Dam task force – a failed attempt to pass this lightly veiled private pond creator resulted in the need for future discussion.
The last of the business came with a nice kudos from Jerry Lorang – the FFACS Fly Tyer Rendezvous came off without a hitch in November thanks to many volunteers. The Chapter will receive a portion of the proceeds to distribute designated non-profits; several hundred dollars will be made available – if you know of any benefactors who share the TVTU them for conservation and education please suggest them! CONTACT US!!
If it was good enough for Yogi & Boo Boo.....
Jeff Morgan was able to take the mic at this point and had a few key points to make about Yellowstone:
  • Though highly visited by many Yellowstone has many easily reached out-of-the-way spots available that few people venture to – key on these and the rewards are great.
  • Besides being in the heart of many blue water rivers of North America – Yellowstone is a great place to go for family adventure – inclusive of fishing the out-of-the-way spots.
  • Have fun with the classic waters of the areas BUT to find the true gems allocate at least 50% of your trip to investigate small waters and feeder creeks for side trips.
  • Fish in Yellowstone are educated. Educated, in fact, an estimated 9 times each season on average per fish – they know the program!
  • Leave the hoppers behind - just saying. Hoppers make up 65% of the selection in local shops but only 5% of an average fishes diet!
  • If you’ve never been – you should go just to see the diversity and wonders.
  • Bonus Fish! Ever caught a grayling? They exist in several waters of Yellowstone!
Interestingly some points raised a few eyebrows – for example, sometimes higher creeks have no life. None. Why? Too cold! The geothermal activity adds nutrients and tempers waters to be ideal for fish – many rivers boast huge populations of fish but only in the ideal spots AFTER an influx of warmed water.
That being said – keep apprised of summer closures – many still creeks are susceptible to warming temperatures late in the summer and are annually closed.

A few more tidbits:
  • Explore different seasons if you are looking primarily to fish – early season [June for example] beats the throngs [no tourists and kids are still in school]! And the smart fish have had all winter to forget stuff…..temps and weather can be a bit more extreme. If lower waters are blown out – look higher in the system to be rewarded.
  • For similar reasons fall can be excellent in Yellowstone [September] – again tourists are gone and kids are back in school]! And the smart fish are getting antsy and start to forget stuff…..fall colors. Need more be said?
BUGS: big waters = nymphs. This is a primary fish food source [pupatator, CDC bead head brassie, Rusty hares ear [yes; rusty – many critters in these high mineral content waters are a bit more red than their cousins elsewhere in the US – yet, only local tyers know this and will not share that fiact with flies on the shelves….]. Back to terrestrials – we know he said drop the hopper. But it’s a terrestrial right? Sure. But ants and beetles make up 65% of the fish diet in Yellowstone – helped by forest fires leaving behind all that dead timber. Remember that.

SIZES: search extreme sizes! Everyone fishes the stuff they are used to. Downsize. Or upsize. Change it up. Going to a size 24 or smaller on nymphs riding piggy-back to a ‘standard’ will get you into fish more often than not [assuming you can see to tie one on that is!]. Same goes with the choice of flies [remember everyone is using hoppers! Mix it up!].

  • Low water approach with side arm casts; don’t give the fish a reason to not eat what you offer! 
  • Don’t overlook site casting to cruising fish; watch them and figure out their territory – THEN cast. If you need to – limit yourself to a couple of dozen casts a day but concentrate on those few casts!
  • Consider light tippets – 6x and 7x! Seriously. Why would this work? The often educated fish also know they get let go – they apparently give up quite easily.
  • Slow down your hookset – same reasoning; they are sluggish. Just because you see him there – wait until you FEEL him there!
  • Non-camper: can’t beat the Old Faithful Inn; reserve early this one goes fast in tourist season. But for that same reason is popular with fishermen who have non-fishing families.
  • Mammoth area in Fall.
  • High Season: campgrounds will be the best bet; try for something in the NE corner of the park; take a look at the available waters in that area.
Most of all enjoy these scenic National Park – take some time and appreciate all that it offers!


February 10th - annual meeting with Stonefly Maidens! Come join the fun and hear Rick Hafele talk about the Five Mistakes You Should Not Make!