Friday, March 4, 2016

What'd I Miss....February Edition

The February Madness Member Meeting went off without a hitch again this year – well attended with the ladies of Stonefly Maidens Club [wives/girlfriends/fellow TU members of the finer sex take note and consider meeting the Ladies of the Stonefly]. About 50 persons were in attendance for the finer business of TVTU and to hear Rick Hafele.

The Stonefly ladies started it off...

with a quick announcement for the Northwest Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo coming this weekend in Albany; they also noted their monthly meeting at the Orvis chop in Bridgeport [March 9 – Jeff Helfrich on the Rogue].

Mark Rogers [newly appointed Youth Education/Outreach Director] asked for those interested in assisting with the Tualatin Riverkeepers youth day camps contact him for information – formal dates are TBD but he is interested in gathering names of interested and potential assistants. Upcoming in March/April will be some continued restoration efforts in partnership with City of Tigard. TVTU will also have an outreach table at the Tualatin River National Wildlife Bird Festival again this year [May 21]; helpers are welcome to come and spend some time at the table and exploring this great new addition in the metro area.

Mike Gentry took a moment to talk C4C and share the success for 2015/2016. The committee hopes to have some organized placement dates soon – most likely both at the Clackamas River and Coho Sanctuary on the Necanicum. Be sure to follow the TVTU and C4C facebook pages for info.

Jerry Lorang thanked the Stonefly Maidens for joining us – it is always good to see their crew at the Luck Lab! He also noted that Project Healing Waters is having a fundraising barbecue at the Cabela’s in Tualatin Nyberg River location; 12-2 p.m. on Saturday April 2.

Rick Hafele then wrestled the mic away and jumped into the fray. The Bug Whisperer started with a bit of information on the Deschutes River Alliance and their efforts to monitor the lower river and the water release affects from Pelton.

The 2010 facility was created to attempt to better mix the waters coming into and being released from Lake Billy Chinook but pulling water from varying levels of the lake. Evidence so far from DRA has shown this change is adversely affecting the lower river:
  • Changed insect timing
  • Algae/diatom growth and proliferation
  • Lower insect numbers [hatches]
Monitoring continues as well as discussion about the ongoing impacts. DRA is the best voice assembled to address this and they are continually monitoring the river system.

Rick then started with his “5 Mistakes to Avoid” presentation:

Do you have everything? [this is a bonus item to warm you up…]

Well, you don’t need EVERYTHING; afterall provisions for a 6-month long safari are not needed for a day trip on the D – don’t let excessive packing keep you from going! On the other hand, you need at least the things necessary! We all know if you forget it at the house – it does you no good on the river.

Luck or Skill? You decide:

Rootitis: all water can be attractive – but don’t let this limit you. If you’ve sprouted roots and have stood in that same spot for too long, you could be hurting yourself!
  • Look for key spots and concentrate on them BUT then MOVE.
  • How about moving your offering; are you stuck on dries? Try a wet? A nymph? A two fly combo. Mix it up to improve your effectiveness.
Flylockus: similar to rootitus explained above this malady is based on fishing only one fly. Sure you have your favorite; the one fly you have total confidence in BUT sometimes the fish have other ideas and to figure that out you HAVE to change it up!

Gigantism: we all know that bigger = better right!?! Chuck and duck it baby! Welllllll…..It is not always the biggest and juiciest fly in the box that catches the fish. Think about it – even the BIGGEST of bugs don’t start out big! What is active? What time of the hatch is it? Hint: pre-hatch – go a bit big; force the issue as there are always a few early growth spurt teens in the group! Post-hatch – go small; save a minority the new generation is more abundant in the water and they are have not grown up yet!

Lack-a-sinkus: not necessarily a concern for the dry fly aficionado, but for the all-rounder who wants to catch fish and therefore does not suffer from flylockus, are getting you bugs to their effective depth? Techniques like czech nymphing stress this – your bugs should be near bottom more often than not! Are you not catching fish on your nymph? How about your terrestrial – sink it! Sinking lines, sink tip lines, split shot, weighted nymphs……

Long-Casticus [aka Show-offitus]: if your girl or guy is on the water with you already you have no need to show off that incredibly long cast…..keep it simple and close! Less tangles = more time in the water; More control = better effectiveness; More feel = more fish.

So those are the 5 Basics that you should avoid! Another bonus? Rick is all about helping!

Bankitis: so that far bank always looks good – and as you tromp out to the middle of the stream so you can fish that far bank – guess what? You just walked over a bank to get there! Ever see fish dart from under your foot as you step into the water that fist time? Yep. Check out the near edge before you worry about that far edge…..

Cheers and we hope you keep these simple maladies under control! Enjoy the fishing and we’ll see you next meeting for Marc Williamson “Fishing the Fall” [March 9].