Saturday, June 11, 2016

Mark has been the outreachingous!

The Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge - Sherwood, Oregon
TVTU Outreach News
by Mark Rogers

Under intermittent squalls TVTU Board members Mike Gentry, Ron Reinebach, Jerry Lorang and Mark Rogers manned the table at the 16th annual Sandy River Spey Clave on Saturday and Sunday May 14 and 15th. A little rain did not discourage the more than 100 fly casting steelheaders. Participants perused the many shiny rods and reels, watched various spey fishing demonstrations and took advantage of the opportunity to improve their casting technique with expert advice....
readily available gratis on the lawn or in the river. Several TU members from local and distant chapters dropped by to say hi. We made many friends and we hope a new member or two. Other conservation groups in attendance included the Deschutes River Alliance, Water Watch, and Native Fish Society. Free coffee, breakfast and lunch wasn't bad either... to keep the chill off.

George and Andy hiding under the shelter at TRNWR 2016.
On Saturday May 21st board members Bill Schoen, Andy Andrews, Erle Norman, Peter Gray, George Wilson and Mark Rogers took turns under the TVTU canopy at the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge 20th annual Bird Festival. This is family friendly event and a great opportunity for TU to get known by the younger crowd. Over 800 visitors and 50 plus volunteers enjoyed the day. We gave away many copies of TU's Stream Explorer newsletters including the titles: “What is a Watershed?”, “Taking Care of Trout” and “How Tough are trout?” We displayed a variety of flies which stimulated much discussion of bugs and fish. Many of our conservation friends joined us including Tualatin River Keepers, Nature Conservancy, Friends of Trees and Oregon State Parks. Portland Audubon provided native bird demonstrations, ODFW an archery range, I'm Hooked a casting game, Cabelas a BB rifle range and the Refuge staff provided a hay ride tour of the river and wet lands. The Native American Youth and Family Center presented traditional dances and prepared delicious fry bread.

Thanks to Bill, Andy, Erle, Peter, George, Mike, Ron, Jerry and especially Mark for helping out! Remember, you don't have to be on the board to help out - 'training' is available! If you wish to help spread the word and meet folks on the fly as well as spend some time with other TVTU members - contact us at TVTU Restoration; add "OUTREACH" to your subject line!