Monday, July 10, 2017

July at TVTU?

As promised with the passing of July 4th we are deep into our rainless period which spells summertime! We hope everyone survived the holiday finger and toes intact - lest the balance of your cast becomes hindered.....
So what are you doing to pass the time? Maybe we can help.....

Jerry, our soon to be retiring from the editor position Editor, has filled one of the last editions of his career - take a look and what your chapter is doing!

Good news we have an editor in training will to take on the assemblage of our little publication here.....still, if you are interested and care to help or otherwise lend a hand; let Lori Day know! CONTACT US! We can always use help!

WHEN: Wednesday, July 12, 2017
WHERE: Cook Park - Shelter #3 - Tigard, Oregon

WHAT TIME: 6:00 p.m.
WHAT to EXPECT: No speaker: it's TVTU Potluck Picnic time!

Well, there will be plenty of speaking going on as this is when we all informally gather and chat amongst ourselves while chowing on grilled burgers and hot dogs! Bring a spouse, friend, family member and a side-dish or dessert and join the fun. The Clackamas River Chapter and Stonefly Maidens will be joining us again too!
Ron has promised a "Whole Bunch of “Good” stuff" for the silent auction fundraiser - and asks that everyone bring a charitable attitude and a moderately full wallet! We hope to see you there!
NOTE: VENUE AND TIME CHANGE [the we're pretty lax and won't turn off the grill immediately so if you're lagging a bit behind schedule - stop on by anyways!]

NOTICE: Andy Andrews and Jeff Horton have revised the dates of the August outing to Diamond Lake - due to it's coinciding with the eclipse and all that ODOT is promising about freeway lockdowns, they have moved the dates UP on the calendar......AUGUST 4-6 are the new dates. Act accordingly or be one of too many stuck on the freeway on the originally scheduled weekend!