Monday, July 24, 2017


Dam removal should boost fish passage
Published July 23, 2017

PENDLETON — Work has started to remove a dam in Eastern Oregon that blocks salmon, steelhead and lamprey. 

The effort to remove the Dillon Diversion Dam on the Umatilla River outside of Echo started earlier this month. The dam is 200 feet long. 

Bill Duke, district fish biologist for the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, said fish ladders on either side of dam don’t always work properly, and the dam was considered a significant problem for native salmon and steelhead. 

“Fall chinook and coho, they tend to come up to that obstruction and get delayed there,” Duke said. “They end up spawning there below the dam.” 

He said the spot is not conducive for rearing juvenile salmon and steelhead. 

The dam built in 1915 served five landowners as part of the Dillon Irrigation Co. with water rights dating to the 1890s.

But the landowners the rest of the ARTICLE.
EJ Harris/East Oregonian