Saturday, May 25, 2013

Salem updates.....

The latest from Tom Wolf - TU Man about Salem:

SB 838 and SB 401 - Suction Dredge Mining bills: we continue to bring constituents-business owners, sportsman, scientists, etc. to meet with legislators on this bill. No idea when it will get its next hearing yet.
SB 602 - Waldo Lake bill:  the motor ban on Waldo Lake PASSED on the House floor Monday. Now it just awaits a signature by the Governor.
HB 3441 - Hatchery Research Center reform bill: up for hearing in Senate Environment and Natural Resources committee May 16. Tom will be testifying in support of the bill.
HB 3476 – GMO/Atlantic Salmon bill [latest iteration]: TU is supporting this bill however it appears to be DEAD. Killed by the efforts of Pacific Seafood, a prominent seafood company that wants to market genetically altered salmon in Oregon. We will attempt this concept again in next legislative session or in ODFW rules.
Tom Wolf/TU Oregon  [not in Salem...]