Wednesday, May 22, 2013

South Twin Lake outing

Well no official reports were received on this one but based on a quick discussion at the last Chapter Meeting, it sounds like 4 persons were present – 3 from the Clackamas River Chapter and our very own Mark Rogers from TVTU [a few of non-fishing wives also showed – so include yours for a camp trip next time!].

Mark reported that the weather was fine and fishing was finer – he brought several to net in the 18”-22” range – NONE SMALLER!?! Way to go Mark! [though honestly – no corroborating stories or photographic evidence has been presented to support the stories….but Mark’s a good honest type so we’ll stick with that…for now]. He also tried to convince us that he LLR’d a few that exceeded that 24”+ mark – the beauties that South Twin can be known for.

Mark shared the biggest story of the weekend though about our famous TU rod building Chapter Board Member and website guru from Clackamas River Chapter - Terry Turner – who should have paid a bit more attention to a combined ODFW/Cabela’s contest running at the moment [ODFW has info even!!] – he apparently caught one of these tagged fish…released only for a special contest…only to let it go for someone else to catch thinking it was simply a tracking tag! Little did he know until later that he had a potential entry in hand! So the fish did not get away [until he was released unharmed] but the prize may have! Sorry Terry - hopefully your C&R effort will work for someone just as deserving!

Upcoming event – June 16 a day trip to Barney Reservoir outside Yamhill! I was recently up there to remove some scotch broom – previously unknown to me I might have to make it back for this trip – a dandy looking little piece of close-by water [accessed by about 7.5 miles of smooth but graveled road].