Thursday, May 9, 2013

Waldo Lake - SB 602 continues....

Waldo Lake    USDA
Tom Wolf updates us on the progress of SB602:

SB602 which would ban all fossil fuel powered motors on Waldo Lake [by adding it to the list of motorless waters already in Oregon] passed out of the House Energy and Environment Committee by a partisan 5-4 vote.
Now it will continue on for a House vote in a few days; it should pass the House on the same partisan basis and then would go to the Governor for signature. It is a good bill which will preserve the solitude and water quality of this beautiful and important place - the headwaters for the Upper Willamette!
A note of support could be important for this - boat motors have been previously banned but sea planes continue to be allowed to use the lake; there were minimal logged seaplane flights to the lake in the past year and with the potential for invasive species and/or catastrophic motor failure TU supports this change.