Tuesday, August 6, 2013

While mildly researching and reading about various Cascade Lakes that I have recently visited or plan on trying to visit in the future, a document written by a former ODFW biologist materialized. Thought it could be shared for some interesting reading.

Written by James Hutchison in his retirement - several years into it according to the preface as he chose to spend his time fishing instead of writing - the document gives a high level review of some of the history of the Cascade Lakes. It includes the formation, naming, and approach to stocking of many of the High Lakes of the region.

My interest in this stems from a presentation at the Clackamas River Chapter last year where they invited the then soon to be retired Fisheries Manager Rhine Messmer - a lifetime Biologist with ODFW - to speak on the helicopter stocking program and it's history. It was a great presentation and provided a very interesting topic as well an innovative piece of engineered equipment.

Anyway, the short paper was an interesting overview that is worth sharing and hopefully Mr's Hutchison and Messmer can continue to enjoy their work from the users perspective!