Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nominations are in!

The TVTU Board of Directors is pleased to outline the upcoming November ballot for Director and Officer positions of the Tualatin Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Each November at the member meeting the nominations are made and voted for by attending members. Please include this important meeting on your calendar [Nov 13]!

This is also an opportunity to nominate accepting candidates at the meeting [Article VI, Section 4]. The By-Laws limit the Board to 15 persons; all persons shall be current members of Trout Unlimited in good standing. There are currently 14 board members with four positions up for renewal and a new nomination.

Director Position Nominations [3-year terms]:
Renewing:  Mike Gentry, Erle Norman, Ron Reinebach, Jeff Price. 
New position:  Jon Pampush

Officer Position Nominations [2-year terms]:

President: Erle Norman [Mike Gentry - outgoing]
Vice President: George Wilson
Secretary: Jeff Price [Bill Schoen - outgoing]
Treasurer: Mike Gentry [Erle Norman - outgoing]

If you have someone in mind, and they are amenable to the position, please let us know – notification prior to the meeting would be helpful [but is not required] for write-in candidates.

The November meeting will also have a short presentation of the TVTU annual report by the Treasurer and President.

We would like to thank each and every one of the individuals listed above for volunteering their time and efforts for the continuance of Trout Unlimited in the Tualatin Valley area. It is only through these efforts that the chapter can act as a representative entity supporting all our efforts for Cold Clean Fishable Waters in the NW part of Oregon. Also much thanks to the support from our TVTU members - obviously the generosity of time and funding is critical to our efforts. Please contact us if you are interesting in participating further.

Board Expirations:

Current term expiring November, 2013: 
Mike Gentry, Erle Norman, Ron Reinebach, Jeff Price. 

Term expiring November, 2014: 
George Wilson, Bill Schoen, Jerry Lorang, Andy Andrews, Jim Fenner.

Term expiring November, 2015: 
Hank Hosfield, Michael Ellis, Mark Rogers, Dave Moldal.