Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rested from Labor Day? SEPTEMBER OUTING

Try recuperating from your holiday week/weekend with a day trip to Round Lake on Sunday September 8 hosted by Tualatin Valley and Clackamas River chapters of TU!

Round Lake [in Marion County] is up above Ripplebrook Ranger Station in the area of Bull of the Woods but if you have not been there before it is best to follow someone out - that someone happens to be our esteemed Andy Andrews - he recommends a caravan at least since signage is iffy and the most popular route [which still has published directions] slid out years ago and was never reopened.

For hooking up with the convoy meet at the River City Fly Shop parking lot on Scholls Ferry Road in Beaverton [near Washington Square] at 8 am on Sunday morning; extra car parking for carpoolers will have to occur at Washington Square as Don's lot is limited in size.
It is a 3-hour drive door to lake access with a 3/8-mile hike to waters edge.

What to expect? Flies: most patterns will work on the lake but in the afternoon you should try callibaetis emergers. Fish: resident brown trout ranging 10 to 14 inches; brook trout to 16 inches.  Don't forget to come with a water device of some sort to make your efforts easier and more productive - and watch the weather [the hills can come alive on short notice this time of year]. Bring a camera and share a story with us too!

We look forward to some new faces on this easy trip! 
For additional information call Andy at nine-seven-one-409 then 6149 
or drop him an email.