Friday, February 21, 2014

A different kind of TVTU effort....

....and another one that was not widely known but was deemed by the Board - though admittedly not unanimously - as beneficial overall to the health of the future and respect for the outdoors, wildlife and our local rivers.

We have worked with Tualatin Riverkeepers as a conservation partner off and on for a while now. The Chapter was contacted last year and requested to provide some monetary assistance to help transport a group for one of the Riverkeepers Educational Programs - after some debate it was passed that as an educational process there was some benefit from TU assistance. We are even more pleased that the coordinator contacted us recently and followed up with a THANK YOU and shared a brief story:

Hi Michael [Ellis],

Thank you again for supporting our camp fishing trip, the kids had such a great time. Just about everyone caught a trout and most kids experienced cleaning it on their own! We were having so much fun we and the kids were so engaged we forgot to take pictures of the kids fishing, but we did manage to get one of them on the bus. Have a great day!

Isabel LaCourse
Environmental Education Coordinator
Tualatin Riverkeepers
Fishing, kids and the outdoors
It appears the modest support provided by the Chapter was a good thing afterall - thought we would share another benefit from your support!!